CarrotCast Podcast - Real Estate Marketing for Investors & Agents (general)
EP 8: Flipping Houses In A High Priced Market + Nailing Your Success Mindset w/ Michael Borger

In this CarrotCast podcast, Trevor is joined by real estate investor Michael Borger, owner of Oahu Homebuyers.

Michael is an expert at remote rehabbing and wholesaling in the Aloha state of Hawaii from his home location in San Diego.

He values marketing. In this episode, he dives into one of the biggest mistakes he sees other make: not marketing enough. Marketing should be 90% of your real estate investing business. He also touches on having an understanding to how to scale your budget and marketing effort.

Implement fast but with quality.

Learn how to think with your good investor brain and not your emotional investor brain. So you can make good deal decisions like a veteran investor, not a newbie!