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“To operate at your greatest order, eliminate chaos from your life so you can banish it from your mind.” I am fundamentally a different person than I was a few years ago because of the shift I made in this podcast. Frankly, I thought it was cool. But, I wouldn’t have been able to get my stuff together and learn how to grow teams if it weren’t for learning how to recognize and eliminate distractions. If you feel like your life is a little cluttered too, you might want to listen in.

EP 66: My Struggles And 8 Success Lessons Learned… From Paying Taxes With My Credit Card To Multi-Million Dollar Businesses w/ Trevor:


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Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur and coach to some of the top SaaS companies in the world. His passion is growing businesses and people and I am one of the fortunate ones that get to call him coach. Dan has challenged me personally and within my business and has initiated transformation on the highest levels. Building businesses of impact and freedom are what we are all about here at Carrot. Today I was honored to sit down with Dan to talk about life and the strategies he uses and teaches to buy back your time. 

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Once upon a time, I paid my taxes on a credit card. Fortunately, my original goal of making $4k a month has been surpassed by more than I ever thought possible. But there’s an illusion that most entrepreneurs aren’t prepared for... I’m grateful for the struggles, successes and lessons learned along the way, which is why I want to share my perspective and  2 practical tips to help reduce the stress around money, no matter your income level.

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We’re so excited to share with you our 2nd Livestream that is taking viewers “behind the deal.”  Keith Sant is a long-time friend of Carrot, a five-time Carrot Camper, and returning guest here on the Carrotcast. Recently, he closed a deal that was plagued with difficulties from beginning to end. He’s going to walk us through how he dealt with the contractors disappearing and his buyer bailing out at the last minute. After all was said and done, Keith even walked away with a higher profit than what he was expecting. Here’s an inside look at how he did it!

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You might’ve heard the phrase “Grow or Die.” Whether you believe that or not, there comes the point in any business where you’ve gotta decide if and how fast you want to grow. That’s why this is a mini-math-masterclass in how to decide “how much do I need to grow my business?” This applies as much to investors & agents as it does to CEOs of software companies. Let’s dive in.

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David Lecko is a returning guest and long-time friend of Carrot. His software, DealMachine, is a game-changer when it comes to curating a list of proven, personalized leads. Automating routine tasks and direct-to-seller marketing tools has freed up his time to work on the bigger deals and spend time doing what he loves which is what this is all about. Today we’re going to learn how he utilizes his software and a team of drivers to dominate his chosen market. 

P.S. – Did you know DealMachine lets you try their app for 7 days for free? Go to to try it out and get a co-branded Carrot + DealMachine experience!

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Back on September 16th, we did an awesome Livestream with our good friend Beau Hollis. As a long-time Carrot customer, wholesaler, investor, and occasional flipper, Beau is going to take us behind the scenes, showing us every aspect of the deal. It’s part of a new Livestream we are doing that takes you inside a real-life deal, from start to finish. We answered questions live on air and offered some tips that really work. Catch up on this exciting new series here, and join us every other Thursday, LIVE at

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