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Nail your identity, and your future will take care of itself. When we’re struggling to be happy yet making more than enough money, it usually means we need to evaluate our identity, our priorities, or both. This episode is about Identity as ambitious entrepreneurs - because it’s easy to start a business with good intentions, only to let our motives become focused on ourselves instead of the people closest to us. Ready? Listen in.

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In the first episode with Greg Helbeck we talked about negotiations, raising margins, and the questions he always asks his leads when talking about their property. A lot of his deals are done remotely, which makes it even more important that he stay on top of his analytics. Today we will be diving into what you should be tracking, how you should be tracking it, and who you should be comparing yourself to. (Hint: it’s not other people.)

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Josue is a Carrot client, Carrot Camper, and a perfect example of someone who is doing things right. He has served our county as a Marine, shipping out on three combat tours. He then spent 12 years in the fire service, while building a rental portfolio. Today, Josue has retired from the fire department and holds a portfolio worth 10’s of millions of dollars. With 50 units under construction or in the permitting and zoning process, Josue has become a master of bringing value, finding value, and controlling his mindset. Today we’ll learn exactly how he has taken his military background and brought those lessons into his real estate business. 


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The most successful leaders are the ones who learn how to manage stress the best. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a mystery. I’m not going to give you motivation in this episode. But I will show you how you can effectively eliminate the feeling of overwhelm by simply taking stress as a challenge and following these 4 simple steps. It’s the same process I’ve been using for years, and it’s what has allowed me to rise above the chaos that would keep most people from moving forward. Let’s dive in.

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There’s this thing that sets “successful” entrepreneurs apart from those that struggle to gain momentum. It’s being diligent about how you choose to spend your energy. It’s more limited than time, and when we don’t understand how to make the best of it, our expectations suffer. The good news is, getting a hold of it is actually pretty simple. Today I’m sharing how this one thing has been a game-changer for me and how it can be for you if you follow it.


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Chasing Daylight by Eugene O'Kelly:

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Joe and Shane have been with Carrot since 2014. They’ve made many shifts in their business over the past 7 years, including a strategic downsizing (right-sizing) at exactly the right time. Using evergreen marketing, intentional relationships, and a fresh take on their business, they have transformed their business into what they always knew it could be. Today we are learning exactly how they did a 180 in their business while dealing with competition, a tough market, and a global pandemic. 

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