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Brett Iwanowicz is closing just under two deals per month on average, but it wasn’t always this way. Brett struggled with anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and low-self esteem. He took him a long time to decide what he wanted in life and find the momentum to get him there. Today, Brett is living life on his terms. By surrounding himself with the right people, building credibility through video, and figuring out exactly what he wants his life to look like, Brett is carving out the life of his dreams. Today, he is sharing his early mistakes to you can learn how to avoid them. 


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I love having these in-studio sessions where we go behind the scenes of life here at Carrot. Alex Zerbach has been with us at Carrot since the beginning. From intern, to office manager, to the director of operations, he has done it all. Today, he’s my #2 guy, handling the day to day tasks,  and helping turn the vision into a reality. He thrives on process, planning, and improving the overall function of the business. Without his consistent effort toward the greater good, we wouldn’t have been able to grow in the way we have. Find out if you are ready for a director of operations, where to find them, and the qualities you should be looking for. 

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So many of us put off our best years until it’s too late — even when we get the opportunity to buy back our time. I’m hoping this episode is a wake up call. I’m sharing this because it hit me hard. Buy back your time while you can, so you can do more of what matters most.

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What message are you sending to your prospective leads? How are you connecting, building trust, and following up? Mark Skowron is an investor and agent who uses carefully crafted copy to close an extra deal each and every month. Today we will talk about sequencing, frequency of contact, and what you can say to build instant trust and rapport. Most importantly, you will learn how to turn a small investment of your time upfront, into a potential $240k per year in extra profits. 


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Most people delegate tasks. But, if you want to grow your business (and your team), you need to understand how to delegate at a higher level. That’s how you grow leaders in your company and begin to get your freedom back. Here’s what I’ve learned about delegation over the past 7 years while growing from 1 my first employee to over 40.

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This is a very special episode for me as I was able to sit down with my friend and mentor, Seth Buechley. You hear me talk a lot about the importance of the right mentor, but how does it even happen? You don’t necessarily go out looking for a mentor, but there are ways to attract the right one when you are ready. With several multi-million companies under his belt, a consulting firm, and numerous entrepreneurial pursuits, Seth knows the importance of the mentor/mentee relationship. Today you will learn what to look for in a mentor, how to find one, and what makes a mentor so different from a coach or guru. 


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There’s this thing that most entrepreneurs experience — I call it the 2-year “turn & burn” cycle. It can make or break a business. It’s what motivates business owners to save their company. And it’s also what causes them to abandon ship and start new companies. Today, I want to take you behind the scenes into where my vision has been running out and how I’m creating a new vision for the future. Listen in.

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It’s a sad truth that people will spend more time trying to lower their cell phone bills than they will trying to lower their taxes. The subject comes up and brains get foggy. The lack of information and education on things such as cost segregation and tax credits is costing investors thousands each year. Yonah Weiss helps investors analyze and strategize to save hundreds of thousands in taxes every year. In some cases, he has helped his clients to pay no taxes whatsoever. Here’s (the perfectly legal) way he does it… 


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