CarrotCast Podcast - Real Estate Marketing for Investors & Agents

Start here. This trailer is a glimpse into why this podcast has been a massive unlock for investors & agents looking to grow their businesses. Need a place to start? Here are some of our most popular episodes of all time: 

For Investors:

  • EP 150: Don't Blow It! The Psychology of Negotiation: How To Talk With A House Seller to Close More Deals + Help More People w/ John Martinez
  • EP 172: From Rock Bottom to Wholesaling Empire | How Dave Brown Makes Over Five Figures a Month With One Hour a Week
  • 10-Part Mindset Series from the CEO My Mindset Shifts Behind Growing a Company From $0 to $10 Million
  • 10-Part Marketing Deep-Dive Series from the CEO

For Agents:

  • EP 228: Top 1% Agent Reveals Her Simple Strategy For Closing 12+ Homes Per Month w/ Krista Mashore
  • EP 215: The 2-6-1 Formula | How to Buy 1-3 Properties a Month on a Budget w/ Tyler Ford

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