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Part three of our SEO series is aimed at those who wish to rank in multiple markets. We’re sitting down with Bryan Driscoll and Adrian Nez (2 of our favorite SEO pros) to find out if you should set-up multiple websites, how to best optimize your homepage, how to ace your location pages, where to send your paid leads, and much, much more!

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“Consuming content educates us. Creating content educates others.” - KC Procter
One of the biggest things that can lead to us feeling unmotivated is this right here- Your consumption vs creation balance is off. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself “creative” or not, but we all live a process of creation that can dramatically affect our energy AND our output, whether that’s showing up for our business, our family and those who need us most, or our future. To get your balance in check, listen in.

P.S. - Are you a Hype Dad?... That question has nothing to do with this the topic in this episode, but is one of the fun little tidbits I talk about. Listen in :)

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SEO is a topic that can seem overwhelming for some of our members who simply want to close deals and not work on the details of their website. However, as you’ll discover in our latest episode of the CarrotCast, with these simple, effective, and often overlooked strategies, you’ll be able to achieve higher rankings faster than you may think. Higher rankings lead to more clicks, more clicks generate more leads, and more leads mean more conversions. Here are 5 incredible SEO secrets from our friend, client, and professional marketer, Bryan Driscoll.

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Today’s the start of a brand new series around some of the most important life lessons that have been passed down to me. What better way to start than by tackling one thing that every human being struggles with every single day? Let’s dive in.

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Want to get more leads through SEO, but have no clue where to start? Over the next 4 episodes, we're bringing on industry-leading SEO experts to teach you everything you need to do as an investor or agent to start bringing in more leads through the power of Search Engine Optimization - From getting started to advanced tactics & concepts. Here's what you can expect in the SEO Series:

Part 2/4 | The 5 Most important & Most-overlooked SEO Secrets You’ve Never Heard of w/ Bryan Driscoll

Part 3/4 | SEO for Multiple Markets w/ Bryan Driscoll & Adrian Nez

Part 4/4 | SEO Results in 1-2 Hours a week Using Backlinks & Consistent Content  w/  Keith Sant & Bryan Driscoll

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In this episode:
Three years ago, Adrian Nez was all set to continue his virtual deals and make the move to Columbus. However, after a detour in Wilmington, he decided to become hyper-focused on the local market, building a brand, a website, and a reputation all from scratch. By following proven formulas, he has built his business in SEO, leading to excellent results. He never let the fear of others already being in his market get in the way of what he was setting out to do. By being genuine, keeping it real with his clients, he has positioned himself as the real estate expert of Wilmington, NC. Here’s how he did it and how you can too...

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I honestly didn’t think I’d make it this long! I expected the physical gains. I expected the mental gains. BUT, the one thing I didn’t see coming was the specific way it would change my habits & motivations. Whether you’re in 75 hard or not, listen in to find out how the concept can make a difference for you.

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Standing out from the pack and becoming the expert in your field is critical to your success. Nate Kennedy is the expert when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for investors and agents alike. Using his 3-pillar system, Nate can help his clients to bring in leads and close deals by helping them to become the celebrity in their field. Using the tips offered here, you will be able to create a content plan that builds momentum and creates success for your business!

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Do you see time as working for you or against you? This massive perspective shift along with the way you choose your day-to-day time investments has the ability to change the course of your income- and your life. Dive in and enjoy this special episode brought to you by my friend Alex Hormozi of The Game Podcast

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Matt Slowik has always been interested in real estate, but he is just now taking it up a notch by launching his business and his Carrot site. Last year, he stumbled upon the Carrotcast, listening to 255 episodes last year alone! Currently, he is working on his Master’s Degree and is employed full-time as a safety compliance officer.  That said, he was probably our top listener in 2020.  Last year alone, he listened to over 250 episodes, which equated to about 10,555 minutes! I know what my favorite episodes are, but we felt there was tremendous value in seeing which episodes resonated most with a newer investor. Today we are chatting with Matt to learn about his business, what he’s learned, and how he balances his busy lifestyle! 

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