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Cristina doesn’t come across as your usual home buyer. Her website has lots of pink, lots of smiling photos, and even some emojis tucked in there for good measure. But what the site doesn’t show is the massive amount of effort, learning, and trial and error that got her here. Her website may not look like other Carrot sites you have seen in the past, and that is exactly why she is converting so well. She’s ranking in the number one spot for many keywords in both Los Angeles and Arizona because of her unique approach and high quality content. Today we are going to learn how she had built the perfect team, modified her marketing, and what she is doing to make herself even stronger.

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What do you do when monetary goals don’t make sense any more? The past couple years have forced me to question my “why” more closely than I ever have. With options to get out of Carrot and be set for life, why the heck do I keep showing up to work every day? Great question. I’ll tell you by way of the “Tugboat VS Lighthouse” concept. I’ve built a handful of businesses, done a handful of challenges, but this has changed the game for me mentally, more than anythign else in a long time. Let’s dive in.

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Adam Mitchell and Lance Doty are two amazing dudes and I was super pumped to have them on our first ever LIVE edition of the Carrotcast. They are the perfect example of a business following the plan, following through, and reaping the rewards. However, this wasn’t always the case. Just a couple of years ago, Lance and Adam lost over $40, but they stayed the course, pivoted their strategy, and are now seeing profits well over 6 figures. This is how they did it.

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Are you used to the feeling of always behind? Are you playing catchup and planning your quarter after it’s already started? I’ve been there too. Listen to this final episode in my mindset series as I show you how to get clear on your most important objectives for 2021 so you can make the biggest impact possible. Get the full series at

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Aaron Amuchastegui is an investor, developer, dad, husband, and the host of the Real Estate Rockstars podcast. He has bought and sold over 1,000 foreclosures and has developed his own software to help other investors do the same. Most importantly, Aaron is a data nerd like me who let’s math guide him in all aspects of his business. Today, we are talking about foreclosure data, member data from our Carrot sites (our members raked in over 500,000 leads this year,) and the steps you should be taking as an agent or property investor to stand out from the pack post-COVID.

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Here are my 3 Promises To You for this episode: 1) Gain insight into the biggest mindset shifts I made in 2020 (one can change your life) 2) Get full access to our updated planning templates 3) Craft a CLEAR 2021 strategic plan from start to finish… In case you missed it, listen to this replay of my annual EPIC planning call or catch the video replay and get access to all slides and assets at

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