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Sam Starns isn’t an agent nor is she a real estate investor. She is an elopement photographer who is creating her own niche to help people not just create the perfect wedding day but also to find the courage to go after what they want - even when society says no. Using the lessons she’s learned both in life and business, she’s developed the confidence to become the person she was meant to be, and now she’s helping other people to do the same. No matter what industry you’re in, Sam’s tips can help you define your purpose, create your niche, and live the life you were meant to live.

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In the first episode with Greg Helbeck we talked about negotiations, raising margins, and the questions he always asks his leads when talking about their property. A lot of his deals are done remotely, which makes it even more important that he stay on top of his analytics. Today we will be diving into what you should be tracking, how you should be tracking it, and who you should be comparing yourself to. (Hint: it’s not other people.)

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Greg Helbeck is one of those guys who has a hunger to grow. If you’ve followed any part of his journey, you will see that he thrives on consistency and is always looking to improve. In part one of two in our series with Greg Helbeck, we are diving into negotiation strategies. We’ll find out what to ask potential home sellers and how to approach your leads throughout each stage of your marketing funnel. Build trust and a rock-solid relationship with your clients even if you aren’t able to be in the same room

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Before Carrot, I built multiple businesses that made me money. The problem was, I was burnt out from “hamster wheel marketing”. Those businesses had me always chasing leads, and when I stopped marketing, the leads would stop coming in. Unpredictable income was stressing me oout. This is what lead to the creation of Carrot. Listen in to hear my story about how to build a predictable business that brings you real freedom.

Adam “Big Sip” Johnson had no home internet, an AOL email address, and a Carrot site. His partner Brent just started investing in real estate 2 years ago. Somehow they’ve managed to bring in tons of leads and close more deals using methods that are so simple, anyone can implement them. Learn how to make Facebook ads convert for less money. How to use UBER as a free, money-making lead source. And, hear how they wake up happy, find fulfillment, and have more FUN doing what most of us stress over.

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You've heard me talk about evergreen marketing and not relying on the hamster wheel to find leads. Tyler Austin has taken this advice and ran with it. His crazy creative marketing strategies have helped him to nab the top spots on Google and become a trusted source for people selling a home in his market. His focus on omnichannel marketing, helps him reach more people with his message. Now, Tyler’s company, REI Sift is helping other buyers and agents do the same.

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