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Sometimes things break. But thankfully, we learn more from failures than successes. I want to share with you just a few things from this wild month behind the scenes at Carrot. From rebuilding a marketing team and learning how to delegate thinking to why I deleted social media entirely from my phone, and more. If you’ve seen any level of success and gotten comfortable too quickly, hopefully this message will encourage you :) Listen in.

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Raul Bolufe is a returning guest and a long time Carrot customer. You’ve heard me talk about the importance of the agent/investor hybrid, and Raul is the perfect example of this. Today we are going to talk about a few of my favorite things. Finding your passion, helping your customers, and how to triple your volume without any extra work. 

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I found myself in this spot a few times last week - having a hard time getting motivated to do the work stocking up on my plate. Ultimately it leads to asking this question: “What do I value more, freedom or impact?” Dive in with me as I talk about how we’re working through stagnation and stepping up to the plate, to get back to what matters most.

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Josh Culler is a marketing pro who leverages video to help real estate investors connect with their target market. As an expert in video content marketing, he has developed several hacks to get the job done easier and with finesse. Don’t let a fear of getting in front of the camera stop you from using video. Josh will share with you his tips to show you exactly how to get out from underneath those fears so you can best connect with your audience.

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Entrepreneurs like you and I like to start new things. We have a tendency to look at what’s not going well in our business and focus on it, instead of doubling down on what’s proven to pull us in the right direction. Sound familiar? Listen in for a micro Truck Talk about how this plays out in your business.

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Tom Townsend is a seasoned real estate agent w/ Keller Williams, who was burnt out on cold calling and struggling to compete with the big guys when it came to SEO. By shifting his strategy, and maxing out his Carrot site, he is completely confident about the next 12 months. Today, we’re looking at what messaging is working best, how Tom is using his Carrot site to convert more leads, and we will even make some tweaks to his site right here on the podcast to make his site perform even better. 

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You’re a squirrel caught in the trap again… You started your business with one simple goal. But along the way you added a side gig, a passion project or two, another marketing strategy, another business. Shiny objects have taken their toll on you, and now you’re left unfulfilled, without clarity or direction, without clarity on what’s going to move the needle (and your happiness). But fear not! No entrepreneur is immune to this problem, and there’s a simple way to cut through all of the noise and get you back on track. Let me tell you a story

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We love Krista Mashore because she practices what she preaches (and what we preach!)

In this episode, she lays out her tried and true 6-month strategy that her coaching students are implementing to go from 1 deal a month to 5, 10, and 15+ deals per month! There’s no BS, no hype, just real stories and real results.

We'll cover: What types of videos you should be creating as a real estate agent, how often you should be posting to social media and how to use your videos as Facebook ads, Why you don't need a video person or fancy equipment when starting out, and who you should hire as you grow your business.

Listen in and learn how to start building consistent, predictable lead flow so you can finally gain back the freedom you’ve been working so hard for.

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It’s been a wild month at Carrot. Oregon is making national headlines for historics fires that have devastated over 1,000 homes across the state, home to over a third of our team members. These events have challenged whether our core values are decorations that hang on the wall, or a set of standards we live by. It’s caused us to ask ourselves if we’re building a business or impact in a whole new way. Listen in and join us in our journey to be a positive voice in the middle of these dark times.

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