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Does your team struggle with feeling productive, empowered, fulfilled… driven? If so, there’s a good chance it might have to do with how their job was (or wasn’t) laid out for them. I want to share with you some of the growing pains I'm going through as a leader, the flaw that I've discovered with how we define team member’s rolls & success, and the exact changes that we are making to fix it, in order to power and unleash our team.... plus, a little bit about the MJ/Last Dance Docuseries :) Listen in.

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2 Years ago, Aaron and Krista weren’t even thinking about doing real estate full-time. But in 2019, they brought in over 650k in commissions! By being genuine, building relationships, and adding real value for their clients, they have seen incredible success on both the agent and investor side. Learn how they are making a real name for themselves and the unique approaches they take to grow their business each and every day.

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I want to share a timely story with y'all. Because so many people are sitting at home wondering who is going to save them… wondering why their journey hasn't been easier, and wondering why they aren't further along by now. I want to give you a glimpse behind the scenes into the years that it took me to become “successful”. Not to brag, but to inspire you through these challenging times. Because I've been through it, and I want to help you get through it too… but there are no shortcuts. Let’s go.

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EP 208: Owner Finance + Private Money To Gain A Market Advantage w/ Mitch Stephen

As they say, if you don't adapt you die... and many real estate investors aren't adapting to the market changes.

One of the ways many investors are changing their strategy is to selling properties with owner finance to build big passive income streams and gain an advantage.

Mitch Stephen has bought and sold over 1,500 homes in Texas alone and we talk about how he does his Owner Finance strategy and how he couples that with private money to gain a huge edge and serve his clients the best.

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It’s been about 1-2 months since we started to see the impact COVID-19 has had on the real estate industry. But, a few things have changed since then, which is why I want to catch you up to speed on some of the data we’re seeing behind the scenes at Carrot. And, how we see the best agents and investors using content to adapt to the situation and consistently bring in more leads. Listen in.

People are conducting business a little bit differently these days, but that doesn’t mean things have to stop or slow down. With over a quarter BILLION in volume, Brent Daniels knows all about the importance of the hustle and avoiding the doom and gloom attitude. While some investors are pulling back, people like Brent are going full steam ahead, even doubling down on their marketing efforts. Hear what works for him and who you need to talk to in your town to generate the most deals

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Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PST - There are two ways you can respond to a crisis.You can hope it doesn't happen again, or you can roll with the punches and set up your business for a more stable future. Today I want to share with you a few things I have been teaching for years that apply now more than ever. It's not too late to implement these so you can get back up on your feet and come out stronger than ever.  I'm talking list building, multiple alarms of marketing, and long-term strategy. Listen in.

How do you create a business that not only survives but thrives during times of uncertainty? CarrotCamp alum Rob Nickell of RocketStation knows all about the importance of delegation, stability, and building the right team. Today Rob will share his journey, laying out exactly how agents, investors, and entrepreneurs can create processes and build teams to free up their time and take their business to the next level.

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We're all having to wade through times right now. But right now also can be time to reflect and be thankful and grateful for opportunities to look at life differently. It's a perfect time to set some consistently and self-discipline. Too many of us get fired up about something motivational... such as a Tony Robbins speech or heck even this podcast. But what happens is that quick motivation burst fades. You go from a candy high to crashing. Instead, there should be a shift to have a long-term mindset. Shift out of a motivation mindset to something more discipline. Say yes to the hard things and build mental toughness. That's what we're going to dive in on and more!

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