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Cody started wholesaling with nothing and became a multimillionaire by age 30. Today he runs CleverInvestor where he educates investors to follow in his footsteps. Get a literal behind the scenes look at his team and office, hear how they’re using artificial intelligence to find their deals, and how they have effectively adapted to doing business during the Coronavirus. We’ll discuss the outlook on the economy and what you can do to position yourself for success.

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Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PST - Before Carrot, Trevor built multiple businesses that made him money. The problem was, he was burnt out from what we call “hamster wheel marketing”. Those businesses had him continually chasing leads, and when he stopped marketing, the leads would stop coming in. Unpredictable income was causing a lot of stress. This is what lead to the creation of Carrot. Listen in to hear Trevor’s story and find out how you can build a predictable business that brings you real freedom.

The Coronavirus has altered life for people all over the world. Investors and agents may feel a slowdown, but there are a number of things you can do right now to pivot within your business so you can still acquire and convert leads. Mike Hambright of InvestorFuel talks with the top investors from around the nation. Today, I sat down with him to find out what they're doing... marketing, giving the right message, and what agents and investors can do to come out of all of this stronger than before. Listen in!

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If you’re stuck at home, falling out of your healthy habits, and struggling to find your peace, then you’re not alone. In this episode, Trevor gets up close and personal to show you as a high-performer how you can re-focus on what’s important and rebuild your habits to get back to the best versions of yourself. Listen in and make sure to follow along with the powerful exercise he’ll be teaching in this episode.

Not only has Ben Lovro had a massive comeback with his life and his career, but he is dedicated to living a life of purpose. His story inspires those around him and his goals will help him have a lasting impact on humanity. He started with nothing and is now owning the markets around him. Ben is a perfect example that if you do the work, get the right tools, and the right team, you’ll be able to crush it too. Today he is sharing everything he does master his mindset and to get 4-6 deals each and every month.

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Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PST - Redfin, Zillow, Offerpad, Opendoor have all recently suspended their “ibuyer” programs. What this means is a massive opportunity for you as an agent or investor. Not only the opportunity to close deals that the ibuyers normally would’ve taken, but to show people that you really do have a higher-value service, with a faster ability to solve their problems. This episode we’re going to show you how you can shift your messaging, continue to consistently (and safely) close deals when others are backing out during these wild times. Listen in.

Coronavirus is throwing a wrench in the gears of many investors and agents. You’re probably wondering what you can do to keep your leads rolling in during these wild times. That’s why we’re bringing on “The House Heroes” to show you their exact process that’s still consistently pulling in leads, and show you the 1 marketing channel that hasn’t been disrupted! Lucas & Earl actually happen to bring in some of the highest lead volume from all our customers. So listen in, get their strategy, and implement.

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Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PST - In a crisis like this, people tune out. The marketing that worked for you a few weeks ago, won’t necessarily work right now. But, there’s still hope - we’re talking with agents and investors every day who are still consistently closing deals. Why? Because they’re shifting. Today, we give you specific, real-life examples for agents and investors of exactly what you should be talking about in your content right now...Videos, Blogs, Ads, Emails, everything word-for-word. This is what you need to be doing if you want to keep momentum in your business going forward. You’ve got this.