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One of the biggest derailers of our success is limiting beliefs. We all have them. It’s the negative thoughts that stand between us and the person we want to become. But, the struggle that most of us have is the ability to recognize those thoughts and actually get past them. This is one of the biggest mindset shifts that happened in me, that has allowed me to build, grow, and scale something that I’m passionate about and that truly makes an impact. Find out what’s stopping you. Listen in.

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If you’ve listened to the CarrotCast in the past, you’ll know that we’ve done a few episodes on land and how beneficial it can be for your portfolio! Today I am super excited to sit down with Willie Goldberg who has been a real estate investor for 2.5 years. While most people throw away land leads, he’s made $1.6 million in the last 12 months! Listen in while we discuss how he got into land, what he’s doing to capture leads, and to learn his strategy of how he plans to close 500 land deals over the next year!

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Are you clear on the person you want to become and are you okay with the person you are becoming? If not, then you might be where I was just a few years ago...successful on the outside but something deeply missing on the inside. I had everything, but I was miserable. I needed a clear vision and a way to get there. Today I’m going to share the exact process that I used to create and live out my dream life, so you can go do the same. Listen in.

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When I first started the CarrotCast in 2016, I knew I needed my first guest to be someone positive, knowledgeable and motivating. The first person I thought of is Tom. In that 1st episode, Tom brought his incredible energy and dropped lots of real estate knowledge. Tom has one of those personalities that are infectious. His enthusiasm makes you feel like you could accomplish anything. He’s back with us today to discuss mindset, marketing, and what he’s learned over the past 3 years at WholeSaling, Inc.

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Today I’m going to walk you through how I begin to plan out my entire year, to make sure I’m laser-focused on what’s most important. There’s an exact process that I follow to hit the reset button on my business, gain clarity and alignment with my team, and re-energize so we can head into the next year ready to make a massive impact. Join me in this brand new series where I’m tackling the #1 key ingredient every entrepreneur needs to understand in order to be successful… MINDSET. Let’s dive in.

Whether you are an agent or investor, using the right marketing strategies is critical to your success. You need to get leads in the door, but with so many options, how do you know where to go all-in? We hear from clients all of the time that doing the marketing work is too much work or that it is too expensive. When you are doing the wrong things, it can be. But when you are able to implement smart strategies and create a unique selling proposition, your business will begin to market itself.

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Growing and scaling a business can be a huge challenge for some entrepreneurs. You can be pouring your heart and soul into something and still feel as if you are dragging your feet through the mud. In this Truck Talk, I wanted to share some thoughts on mindset, thinking bigger, and knowing how to shift within your business without losing your focus. Growing your business, and reaching the next level is 100% possible when you take the time to follow these steps. Listen in.

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