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How Many deals are slipping through the cracks due to a bad follow-up process - or even worse, no process at all? In this final episode of Trevor’s Marketing Truck Talk Masterclass, he lays out 4 crucial tips our best customers are using to double their lead-to-close ratio! Stop losing leads to your competition… Listen in! Visit for the entire series.

Within just a few years, Big Block Realty has grown from a small one-room office to the fastest-growing brokerage in the state of California! By focusing on what the agent needs to successfully sell real estate, Big Block is able to attract some of the best talent in the game. Today, Sam Khorramian breaks down their insanely-effective content and sales funnel strategy for both agents and investors. Ready to stop chasing business and instead have it chase you? Sam's here to tell you how.

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Marketing can be overwhelming. Intimidating. Massively distracting! Between social media, PPC, SEO, Facebook ads, not to mention all of your offline marketing, how on earth do you decide what to focus on?! Trevor is going to simplify it for you. He’s going to lay out the exact steps you need for scaling your marketing efforts, 1 thing at a time. Oh! And if you missed Part 1 of this episode, go back and listen to “How to Scale Your Marketing With MATH, Not EMOTION!” Enjoy!

With more competition in a crowded market, your ability to execute a sale has never been more important. That’s why we’ve brought back the most-listened-to CarrotCast guest of all time, the master of sales psychology, John Martinez. John has spent years perfecting his sales process, coaching and consulting real estate investors, helping them ensure that they're closing every closable deal at the highest margins possible. Listen in and let him walk you through his best scripts, word-for-word!

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If you view your marketing simply as an expense, you’re doing it wrong. GOOD marketing should be an investment. The problem is, most people don’t know how much money to budget and where to spend it! That’s why Trevor is going to lay out the exact formulas and numbers you need to be crunching in order to have effective marketing that produces consistent lead flow. Listen in! Visit for the entire series.

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For Keith Sant, Kind House Buyers is more than just the name of his business, it is how he conducts business and his life. I first got to know Keith just a few weeks ago at our most recent CarrotCamp, and right away I was struck by his hunger, drive, and gratitude. These are the things that have led him to create a very successful wholesaling business in the Pacific Northwest. 


Keith believes in treating everyone the same. He talks to his sellers the same way he talks to investors. He grew up not having much, so his sincere gratitude for all he’s achieved shines through when you talk to him about his business. 


A while back, Keith heard a podcast I did about CarrotCamp, the benefits, the highlights, and what people could expect to take away from the event. He knew it was something he needed to attend, but he wasn’t making the 100k per year that he needed to qualify… yet. 


“Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” - Jim Rohn


Instead of feeling defeated, Keith got down to it and closed the deals he needed to. He was able to close 8 in one month, in a very competitive market nonetheless. Needless to say, Keith made it to the next CarrotCamp, and we were thrilled to have him join us. 


In The Beginning


In order to get where he needed to be, Keith knew he had to buckle down and do the work. Before real estate, Keith was working in screenprinting. He never referred to himself as an entrepreneur, but he has always known he wouldn’t be able to work with someone who didn’t value him or his contribution. 


Eventually, Keith went back to school. There isn’t a degree for entrepreneurs, so he studied marketing instead. Why? Because he didn’t think he was that great at it, so he figured he should learn. 


Real estate was always an interest, but the entry barrier seemed too high. He had a friend in Texas doing flips and wholesaling houses. Keith worked with him for a while, then brought his business to the Pacific Northwest. He worked hard, got his first wholesale deal, and it was on from there. This year he’s looking at doing about 25 deals, with an average profit of $15,800. 


Initial Marketing


Bandit Signs


Keith started with bandit signs and a lot of them. To be effective, the signs needed a few key elements. 


  • Keith got an easy to remember, repeating digit phone number
  • The phone number was HUGE so people could see it
  • He included his website as it was something people could remember and look-up when they got home
  • He was strategic in where he put the signs. He didn’t put them in downtown Seattle. He put them on the outskirts of town He put a sign in the middle of nowhere that turned into a 30k deal. 
  • On average, Keith drops 120 signs per month. His rule is to put out 2 signs whenever he goes out. 


Having a website up before making his big marketing push was important. People told him he didn’t need a site or that a basic one-page site would do. However, Keith knew that a great site would showcase his message, mission, and sincere intent to help others. His site looks great on mobile devices, catching the attention of all those people who may be interested in his offer as they drive by. 


The Craigslist Strategy


Craigslist is still one of the best ways to generate cheap leads. Keith’s strategy included a few key steps. 


  • He had two different versions of his ad. One introduced his company and services, the other was a bit more personal. 
  • He posted in the services section under real estate services, moving services, and other places where his competition wasn’t. 
  • He posted one ad every Friday, with each ad being up for 4 weeks. At any time, Keith would have 4 ads up in one place or another. 
  • Keith set up a separate phone number for Craigslist, helping him to know where the leads were coming from. 


Investor Carrot offers a great resource to help you kick off your Craigslist campaign to generate quality, low-cost leads. 


“When others were out drinking on a Friday night, I was putting up signs or home placing Craigslist ads.” 


All of Keith’s hustle worked. His first check was for $8,900. 


Keith’s Marketing Mix Today


Keith’s marketing strategy today still incorporates Craigslist and bandit signs, but he’s added a few other elements to his marketing strategy. Today, Keith’s leads come from a variety of places. 


  • Bandit Signs
  • Craigslist
  • Investor Carrot
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Organic Traffic 
  • Paid Ads - PPC


PPC has been instrumental for Keith. He’s been able to close 1 in 10 leads this way. Recently, PPC costs have driven people away from this method of marketing. This has opened the doors for people who want to use PPC to drive more high-quality leads to their websites. 


The Importance of Mindset


Throughout Keith’s journey in real estate, he’s learned that he needs to keep the right mindset. By consistently doing all of the small things each day, Keith was able to build a business that he is proud of. He went to school, he learned the business, and he got to work. He didn’t give up and that is what has led him to the life he’s leading today. 


The way he operates his business is simple. He wants to work with people he likes, doing deals that really help everyone. He knows people may take advantage of his kindness, but the way he looks at it is that it’s an inexpensive way to weed out the bad people from his life. 


I recently challenged our listeners to do some push-ups each day, doing one more than they had the day before. I’ve watched Keith crush this challenge, putting up his videos and numbers each day. It is this mindset that is helping him to grow his business into something bigger. 


Consistency is inspiring. While the flash in the pan is eye-catching, the person who is doing the work day in and day out, will ultimately be the bigger inspiration to those around them. They may not have been inspiring others on day one, but when they are doing 150 push-ups in a row, people are going to notice. 


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When every other agent and investor is offering the same not sacrificing your commissions? What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Let me just walk you through the most effective, actionable steps and catch-phrases you can start using to craft your own irresistible offer - just like how I’ve grown my previous businesses, Carrot, and how our top customers are closing more deals than anyone else. Let’s go! Visit for the entire series.

How mindful are we when it comes to the things you are saying? Not just to the people in front of you, but online as well? We have a very meaningful departure from our usual topics today, and instead, we wanted to focus on a topic that’s becoming more and more prevalent...cyber-bullying. Carrots own Joaquin Ortiz shares his story of family member and legendary marathon runner, Dr. Frank Meza, who was recently impacted by cyber-bullying. Listen in to learn how we can play our own parts in being more mindful.

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How many of your deals fall through because your buyer decided to back out at the last minute? Or maybe you offered everything you could think of, but they still weren’t convinced that you were the solution they needed. Throw out everything you thought you knew about sales. I’m going to teach you an entirely new perspective. Start shifting the way you speak to your prospects and stop letting deals fall through the cracks. Listen in. Visit for the entire series.

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Let’s welcome back a returning guest and one of my all-time favorite dudes, Daniel Digiacomo. Daniel is a pro when it comes to building a buyers list and adapting to a changing market. He started in real estate about 10 years ago as a landlord, and is now dominating the Baltimore, MD market in wholesaling. Today, we talk about the brass tacks on the recently passed legislation in Illinois affecting wholesalers. Is Wholesaling really illegal in Illinois? What’s this mean for me as an investor? & More! Listen in!

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