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“The market is saturated.” We hear this a lot lately. We know there are floods of new agents and investors coming into your market, wanting a piece of the pie. Competition is real. But we’re going to tell you why this shouldn’t be a concern for you, whether you’re new or experienced. The good news is that this happens in near every industry, and there are specific things you can do to stand out from your competitors. Trevor’s going to share with you one of the most important lessons he’s learned in his career, through working with tons of real estate investors and now agents. Hear from a master marketer on how you can stand out and build authority in your market. Listen in. Visit for the entire series.

Tyler Ford is our first ever 3-time CarrotCast guest - and there’s a good reason why! A few years ago, Tyler was at a crossroads in his business where he was either going to get out of the game, or decide to go all in. Now, he’s owning search results for a variety of terms in his market, finding creative ways to do more deals as an EXP agent and investor, and wholesaling multiple deals per month! He’s pretty glad that he decided to go all in. Listen in to hear his story and implement his strategy.

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You can find plenty of strategies and hacks about “How to reach your key demographic” or “How to find your ideal customer”, but the biggest problem is most people tend to skip over this one fundamental piece of all marketing. It’s the thing that separates the successful from the struggling. It’s the thing that removes all obstacles between you and your customer. It’s what you can’t afford to miss. Hear what it is in this week’s marketing truck talk with Trevor. Visit for the entire series.

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Ever feel like you’ve “lost your edge?” After experiencing a few big wins and some serious income growth, it can be a real bummer when you’re just not moving forward like you used to. It’s almost like we’re not as hungry, so we forget how to hunt! You feel like you’ve gotta bust through the brick wall… you need to find your motivation…and get back to your youth! Well, I don’t have a magic age-reducing serum that will make you feel 22 again, but I can tell you the exact mindset shifts I’ve made that have allowed me to show up with a tenacity that I haven’t seen in myself in a long time. Listen in now and find out how to get your gusto back. (no age-serum required)

In this 15-Minute Marketing Truck Talk, Trevor begins to walk you through his content bullseye framework. He'll be teaching you exactly how you can increase your credibility and build authority through easy-to-shoot videos, so you can beat out the competition in your market. Listen in to hear some of our best, most simple tactics you can start implementing in your business today. Visit for the entire series.

Six years ago, Dave Brown gave up his real estate license to build a business that served the lifestyle he wanted to create.

He wanted to prove people wrong. The vision was to create a machine that generated a steady flow of motivated seller leads on a daily basis.

He put in the work and soon started closing multiple deals per month in a competitive market.

But here’s the catch…

He did it with no cold calling, no direct mail, no employees, all online, all organic traffic. Fast forward to today - He’s leased out his entire business for multiple 5 figures per month!

Now Dave finally has the time to pursue his passions and do what matters most in life.

Listen in to find out how he did it!

There are 3 ways to grow any business…Get more customers, Increase the frequency of purchases, or Increase the average order size. Today Trevor is going to teach you his best tactics for each one! This will be a quick mix of what we do at Carrot and what our best customers are doing. Listen in to find out how you can start getting the most from every deal. Visit for the entire series.

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Anthony Beckham became an agent just 3 years ago, but has kept a keen eye on the industry disruptions taking place. Even with his fair share of success, he was still anxiously treading on commissions and hustling to find the next deal. But we noticed his hustle. And we noticed how he was doing business differently than other agents. So... we invited him into Carrot HQ pick apart his entire strategy and mindset. Listen to our conversation to learn what he’s doing, so you can stand apart and build a business that brings true financial freedom.