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I’ve never had a real job. I’ve spent my entire adult life building businesses, but not ones that made me happy. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, 80% of the work I was doing was draining my energy, until one day I decided I couldn’t take it anymore... I quit everything. I set out to build a business that would GIVE me energy, UNLEASH my potential, and FUEL my passion. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. And with a little guidance, I believe you can too.

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Why is video content key to staying relevant in real estate and how do I actually create effect videos for my business? Trevor is going to walk you through real-time examples of the types of videos you need to shoot, exactly what you should be saying, and how to optimize your videos so they help you rank higher in Google, build credibility, and close more deals. Catch us live every Thursdays at 1PM PST on, Facebook or YouTube.

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Are agents and investors in danger of becoming obsolete? The answer depends on IF you’re executing this one thing in your business right now. On my way back from a real estate agents mastermind in Beverly Hills, I was stuck on this question, in a world where we increasingly rely less on human interaction and more on artificial intelligence and automation. So, I looked to the past for answers, specifically, the Stock Market Crash of 1987, when I had an epiphany... you’re going to want to hear this.

Find out how to get people to like you, trust you, deliver better results,

how to win over any of your skeptics,

and how Agents can become the ‘digital mayor’ of your town.


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On this episode of the Carrot Cast, I invited a guest on named John Martinez. John is probably ... Not probably. He is the leading sales trainer in the real estate investing industry. I had a chance to meet him in person finally after following him for quite some time down in Dallas at a mastermind, at the Investor Fuel Mastermind that we're a part of. John blew me away at his presentation down there. I really loved kind of the role-playing that he did up on stage, talking through the way that high achieving and high performing real estate investors negotiate and discuss the transaction with sellers.

What we're going to do is you're going to learn a lot about John's story, but then about 10, 15 minutes in, we're going to dive in knee deep on role-playing, and basically walking you through every step of the way, all the way from hopping on the call, to meeting the seller in person first, what you say, how you prepare them, how you set expectations, exactly word for word what to say. This stuff is pretty darn amazing.

Now, the cool thing about this is this call isn't just, hey, jot this script down, because that's not it at all. What John teaches you is the fundamentals behind why these work, so now you can be empowered to go out there as someone who understands psychology and understands how to actually really, truly serve your sellers and your prospects, all right?

I want you to completely shift and transcend your current mindset on how you're currently talking with sellers.

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Some might call us crazy, but we call it committed. Not only do we have a big announcement today, but we are giving away Bose speakers, Carrot SWAG, and by the way... all of our secrets on how to build a successful brand and an audience of evangelists. The same secrets that grew a bootstrapped, rural-America startup to one of America’s fastest-growing companies. If you’re in this for the long game, you need to hear this episode. Listen in & join the International #carrotday at

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