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Trevor and Adrian break down the marketing, mindset, and business model that our most successful customers are using, as well as ourselves internally, at Carrot. These methods work if you put them to work! Don’t miss it on this replay of our weekly live show Ask Carrot.

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You’ve tried direct mail, you’ve tried cold calling, you’re on social media... you’re hustling every single day, but you’re just not getting the results you need. Something has to change. That's why we brought Laura on the show today. She’s a 30-year real estate veteran who has had massive success and wants to share exactly how she is closing 8 out of 10 deals and getting a consistent stream of quality, motivated leads. Listen in, take notes, and start executing the next-level strategies to help you build the business that sets you free!

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Sometimes our biggest challenge when growing a business is conquering the false limitations that we place on our own potential. Today, Kiley Newbold and Trevor Mauch are talking about the real struggles of scaling a multi-million dollar business, how to build systems and teams that unleash you, and what being an entrepreneur really means. Prior to Carrot, Kiley helped grow the Color Run to over $70MM in revenue as VP of marketing and built a Facebook ads marketing firm for real estate investors.

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Carrot CEO Trevor Mauch, Adrian Nez, Kiley Newbold, and special guests Max Maxwell & Daniel DiGiacomo went LIVE on this last episode of Ask Carrot to dive into how they've all built teams, all in different phases of their businesses. Delegating, building a team, hiring... whatever you call it... bringing other people in to help you grow your real estate investing / agent business is critical to gaining freedom and scaling. 

26:24 -Daniel, what’s your current team look like What mindset shifts did you have to make to scale your business?

30:00 - The Delegation Wheel concept

36:30 - “Max, I hired my first remote person in November. I close my first deal Monday in Fort Worth. I’m in Maryland. What’s my next hire to plan for?”

40:30 - There are different levels of investors out there. You need to find someone that is on your journey. - Max Maxwell

43:43 “How are you getting over perfectionism, Daniel?”

44:40: “Max, What have you learned about remote employees, what others might call VA's?”

47:30 - “What tools are you guys using for your teams?”

56:00 - “What CRM are you guys using?” See below!

1:03:00 - “When did you guys start using AdWords?”

1:09 - Max Maxwell on building the buyers side - “Every deal has to sell.”

1:11:00 -”what service do you guys recommend for RVMs?” See below!

1:15:00 - “As a beginner new investor who hasn’t done one deal yet, can Carrot core plan can get us good leads?”

1:18:00 - "Expensive is relative."

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Chris went from Firefighter to employee at a house flipping business making money for his boss, to going it alone (and failing the first time)... and finally made things click and over 2 years went from $0 to $1.4M in revenue. Hear his journey, what made wholesaling finally work for him in a big way, and why he didn't quit when he burned through his whole marketing budget with no results.

3:04 - A look at Christian’s business: wholesaling since 2014, recently launched a private lending arm and property management arm, and plans to launch a full-service investment firm in 2019.

5:11 - How to turn a dead lead into $14,200 of commissions.

6:33 - Growing from $330 gross revenue during his first year to $1.4 million in gross revenue in 2018.

8:12 - From firefighting to real estate: how he made the transition and who helped him on his journey.

11:09 - “My girlfriend found a Groupon deal for real estate license”.

15:31 - Making an incredible comeback from failing as a real estate agent.

16:32 - How to talk with sellers and study the various personality types.

21:01 - How being transparent in your business can get you more deals.

22:45 - Why owning your credibility and reputation will ultimately help you close more deals.

27:34 - Christian's marketing plan for hitting $3 million in revenue this year + His current ROI and cost per deal.

34:31 - What to do when your online leads aren't converting.

36:31 - Christians unique strategy for finding buyers.

46:35 - What’s changing with MLS?

55:03 - How to make more money on the same deals you’re already closing.

58:35 - The one thing you should be focusing on as an entrepreneur.

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"How can I compete with Zillow when it comes to SEO?" Adrian Nez, an industry expert in SEO for real estate, and I show you how to do it, what WORKS, what HURTS and dive deep into what most sites are doing to crush rankings. Skip ahead to 1:02:21 to see how it's possible to outrank Zillow in SEO rankings.

9:05 - What makes my Google ranking drop?

14:00 - What can I get penalized for in Google? What about bad backlinks?

18:16 - "I hired a sketchy SEO company a year ago and my rankings are taking a tumble.

24:18 - "Why should I continue SEO once I have good rankings?"

42:24 - Pulling page speed reports on our own customer's websites

47:10 - Plugins for SEO

53:53 - "Our website already ranks high with SEO for many searches. Should we do Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) if we already rank well?"

1:02:21 - How to beat Zillow in SEO

1:13:30 - Using Google suggestions vs Keyword tools

What made you decide to become an entrepreneur? Why do you show up to work every single day? What makes it all worth it? For me, it took a week off work, 5 days without power, and a couple of powerful conversations with my mentor to see what I was missing out on.

1:05 - Masterminds & Disneyland - What I’ve been up to!

6:47 - Fixing the struggle to fill every moment with your cell phones and not being present in the moment by reliving memories with your family,

8:38 - Busy-ness is usually something we create ourselves. This week made me realize I need to force myself to slow down.

9:47 - Take a hard look at WHY you became an entrepreneur and why you put it in the hours.

10:16 - What it actually means to 10x your business and how people wrongly interpret it.

11:42 - My mentor's challenge to me: Think about the long game, find your WHY, and find the right people in your life to unlock you.

15:24 - My WHY and the impact I’ve been able to make on the town that I grew up in.

22:53 - The most exclusive mastermind for high achieving real estate investors…

We’re talking about Facebook ads for real estate investors, How to stand out from other real estate investors using the same marketing tools, All about “lead stacking” and more all on Ask Carrot episode #1.

4:43 “How can I make the transition from part-time investor to full-time investor?”

12:07 “What to do when my campaigns are getting clicks but no conversions? How can I measure ads attribution for my FB campaigns?”

22:52 “With a lot of other investors using Carrot sites, How will I stand out if there is a lot of “Carrot competition?”

34:39 ​”I want SEO to be the only marketing I do. What should I be doing daily to help with that?”

47:19 “How much funding do I need once I purchase a Carrot plan to consistently generate motivated leads each month?”

1:00:41 “Is having the same blog content as other investors or customers bad for my site? If so, what can I change in the duplicate content?”

1:10:34 “Trevor, I'm new to sales working from carrot platform.. how much sales training vs. action is it best to take? Perhaps practice each day for an hour before going out [drilling, practice]?”

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