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There are two skills that every entrepreneur needs in order to be successful. Negotiation & Leadership. They also happen to be the most difficult and time-consuming to learn. That’s why we’re introducing you to Steve! Steve leads a brokerage of over 150 agents, where he’s honed his skills as an expert negotiator, investor, and leader of people. In this interview he breaks down his best questions, scenarios, and tips around negotiation. Listen, be inspired, take notes, then go close lots of deals like Steve.

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Here are my 3 Promises To You for this episode: 1) Get insight into the biggest mindset shifts I made in 2019 (one can change your life), 2) You’ll have a clear plan for 2020 w/ my UPDATED planning process, and 3) Access to my NEW & improved goal setting templates. In case you missed it, listen to this replay of my annual EPIC planning call or catch the video replay and get access to all slides and assets at

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If you have been a real estate investor for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of BiggerPockets. May of 2019, I was honored to be the second guest on the BiggerPockets Business Podcast. We got to talk about my personal journey with finding my unique abilities, how to build an iconic brand, and how to master my content bullseye framework. Listen in for an episode that’s a little different this week, and be sure to check out all of the cool things that BiggerPockets has to offer real estate investors. 

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Do you have a clear framework that shows you the blind spots in your business? Do you have a defined strategy that reveals weaknesses and threats to your business? Today I want to show you the process that our leadership team uses to protect our business and set us up for massive success going forward. Listen in!

Robert is already a successful agent and has closed several deals through Carrot as an investor, but he wants to ramp things up. On this call, Trevor lays out the exact content marketing plan to help him build authority in his market, reveals the strategy shifts he needs to make with his investor and agent Carrot websites, and teaches him how to ramp up his credibility and close ratio! Listen in to get a behind the scenes look at the journey of someone just like yourself. Let’s dive in.

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Over the years, I’ve crash-tested dozens of ways of setting goals, both personally and with Carrot. Nothing has been more effective and brought more focus and alignment than this right here. The new year is just around the corner. And if you don’t already have your sight sets on clear, measurable goals for work and at home, now’s your chance. Listen in to find out how we do it. Let’s crush it next year.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. If you aren’t plugged into the right information, connected to the right people, or in a space where you can ask questions, your business is going to suffer. Mike Hambright has been investing in real estate since 2008. Since then he has been busy with investments, coaching, and finding ways to give back and add value to others. Today we talk about the impact of community, plus what Mike has learned this year from some of the top investors in the country. Listen in.

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You’re working in your unique ability when you have more energy at the end of the day than before you started. Is this you? Or are you coming home every day wishing you had enough energy to show up for your family and you’re not even remotely excited to face the next day? That was me before all of my hustle and grind almost caused me to lose my family - the ones I was working so hard for. Don’t go another day without doing this one simple exercise that completely changed my life.

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We all have bad days. Stuck in a funk, bummed out, just not feeling it... this was me last week. But, I realized something needed to change. I needed to deal with my ANTS - Automatic Negative Thoughts. This episode isn’t about real estate, ya’ll. This is about how to be happy, how to amplify others and how to show up every day giving your absolute best. I’m going to share with you how I went from being reactive to being proactive, took control over my thoughts, flipped the switch, and regained my momentum.


2:49 - Recognizing that you're in a funk.
6:53 - If you’re like me - ambitious, but low on willpower, you might need habit triggers.
9:35 - What are ANTS? And how do our thoughts affect how we feel physically? We can do everything to make sure we show up our best every day, but sometimes forget to care of our minds.
11:07 - PANTS: Positive, Aspirational, New Thoughts Inject positivity into your brain! "This is easy!" "I can do this forever" "My energy is high!"
15:03 - Stop letting the negativity around you weigh you down. Use your energy for positivity, add value, add growth, and get excited about what you're doing!
16:37 - Own your thoughts with affirmations for specific situations and tell your thoughts where to go.
22:32 - Future pace: Be grateful for what you have in the moment and have a vision for where you are heading.
28:32 - Create a culture of energy within your business. Become a power plant for energy. What companies like Dutch Bros and Carrot are doing in rural America to make an impact on millions of people.
33:20 - Wrapping it up… We’re launching ASK CARROT! A weekly Live Q&A with Trevor. Head over to or starting February 14th at 1 PM PST to ask him anything!

One of the biggest derailers of our success is limiting beliefs. We all have them. It’s the negative thoughts that stand between us and the person we want to become. But, the struggle that most of us have is the ability to recognize those thoughts and actually get past them. This is one of the biggest mindset shifts that happened in me, that has allowed me to build, grow, and scale something that I’m passionate about and that truly makes an impact. Find out what’s stopping you. Listen in.

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If you’ve listened to the CarrotCast in the past, you’ll know that we’ve done a few episodes on land and how beneficial it can be for your portfolio! Today I am super excited to sit down with Willie Goldberg who has been a real estate investor for 2.5 years. While most people throw away land leads, he’s made $1.6 million in the last 12 months! Listen in while we discuss how he got into land, what he’s doing to capture leads, and to learn his strategy of how he plans to close 500 land deals over the next year!

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Are you clear on the person you want to become and are you okay with the person you are becoming? If not, then you might be where I was just a few years ago...successful on the outside but something deeply missing on the inside. I had everything, but I was miserable. I needed a clear vision and a way to get there. Today I’m going to share the exact process that I used to create and live out my dream life, so you can go do the same. Listen in.

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When I first started the CarrotCast in 2016, I knew I needed my first guest to be someone positive, knowledgeable and motivating. The first person I thought of is Tom. In that 1st episode, Tom brought his incredible energy and dropped lots of real estate knowledge. Tom has one of those personalities that are infectious. His enthusiasm makes you feel like you could accomplish anything. He’s back with us today to discuss mindset, marketing, and what he’s learned over the past 3 years at WholeSaling, Inc.

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Today I’m going to walk you through how I begin to plan out my entire year, to make sure I’m laser-focused on what’s most important. There’s an exact process that I follow to hit the reset button on my business, gain clarity and alignment with my team, and re-energize so we can head into the next year ready to make a massive impact. Join me in this brand new series where I’m tackling the #1 key ingredient every entrepreneur needs to understand in order to be successful… MINDSET. Let’s dive in.

Whether you are an agent or investor, using the right marketing strategies is critical to your success. You need to get leads in the door, but with so many options, how do you know where to go all-in? We hear from clients all of the time that doing the marketing work is too much work or that it is too expensive. When you are doing the wrong things, it can be. But when you are able to implement smart strategies and create a unique selling proposition, your business will begin to market itself.

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Growing and scaling a business can be a huge challenge for some entrepreneurs. You can be pouring your heart and soul into something and still feel as if you are dragging your feet through the mud. In this Truck Talk, I wanted to share some thoughts on mindset, thinking bigger, and knowing how to shift within your business without losing your focus. Growing your business, and reaching the next level is 100% possible when you take the time to follow these steps. Listen in.

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How Many deals are slipping through the cracks due to a bad follow-up process - or even worse, no process at all? In this final episode of Trevor’s Marketing Truck Talk Masterclass, he lays out 4 crucial tips our best customers are using to double their lead-to-close ratio! Stop losing leads to your competition… Listen in! Visit for the entire series.

Within just a few years, Big Block Realty has grown from a small one-room office to the fastest-growing brokerage in the state of California! By focusing on what the agent needs to successfully sell real estate, Big Block is able to attract some of the best talent in the game. Today, Sam Khorramian breaks down their insanely-effective content and sales funnel strategy for both agents and investors. Ready to stop chasing business and instead have it chase you? Sam's here to tell you how.

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Marketing can be overwhelming. Intimidating. Massively distracting! Between social media, PPC, SEO, Facebook ads, not to mention all of your offline marketing, how on earth do you decide what to focus on?! Trevor is going to simplify it for you. He’s going to lay out the exact steps you need for scaling your marketing efforts, 1 thing at a time. Oh! And if you missed Part 1 of this episode, go back and listen to “How to Scale Your Marketing With MATH, Not EMOTION!” Enjoy!

With more competition in a crowded market, your ability to execute a sale has never been more important. That’s why we’ve brought back the most-listened-to CarrotCast guest of all time, the master of sales psychology, John Martinez. John has spent years perfecting his sales process, coaching and consulting real estate investors, helping them ensure that they're closing every closable deal at the highest margins possible. Listen in and let him walk you through his best scripts, word-for-word!

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If you view your marketing simply as an expense, you’re doing it wrong. GOOD marketing should be an investment. The problem is, most people don’t know how much money to budget and where to spend it! That’s why Trevor is going to lay out the exact formulas and numbers you need to be crunching in order to have effective marketing that produces consistent lead flow. Listen in! Visit for the entire series.

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For Keith Sant, Kind House Buyers is more than just the name of his business, it is how he conducts business and his life. I first got to know Keith just a few weeks ago at our most recent CarrotCamp, and right away I was struck by his hunger, drive, and gratitude. These are the things that have led him to create a very successful wholesaling business in the Pacific Northwest. 


Keith believes in treating everyone the same. He talks to his sellers the same way he talks to investors. He grew up not having much, so his sincere gratitude for all he’s achieved shines through when you talk to him about his business. 


A while back, Keith heard a podcast I did about CarrotCamp, the benefits, the highlights, and what people could expect to take away from the event. He knew it was something he needed to attend, but he wasn’t making the 100k per year that he needed to qualify… yet. 


“Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” - Jim Rohn


Instead of feeling defeated, Keith got down to it and closed the deals he needed to. He was able to close 8 in one month, in a very competitive market nonetheless. Needless to say, Keith made it to the next CarrotCamp, and we were thrilled to have him join us. 


In The Beginning


In order to get where he needed to be, Keith knew he had to buckle down and do the work. Before real estate, Keith was working in screenprinting. He never referred to himself as an entrepreneur, but he has always known he wouldn’t be able to work with someone who didn’t value him or his contribution. 


Eventually, Keith went back to school. There isn’t a degree for entrepreneurs, so he studied marketing instead. Why? Because he didn’t think he was that great at it, so he figured he should learn. 


Real estate was always an interest, but the entry barrier seemed too high. He had a friend in Texas doing flips and wholesaling houses. Keith worked with him for a while, then brought his business to the Pacific Northwest. He worked hard, got his first wholesale deal, and it was on from there. This year he’s looking at doing about 25 deals, with an average profit of $15,800. 


Initial Marketing


Bandit Signs


Keith started with bandit signs and a lot of them. To be effective, the signs needed a few key elements. 


  • Keith got an easy to remember, repeating digit phone number
  • The phone number was HUGE so people could see it
  • He included his website as it was something people could remember and look-up when they got home
  • He was strategic in where he put the signs. He didn’t put them in downtown Seattle. He put them on the outskirts of town He put a sign in the middle of nowhere that turned into a 30k deal. 
  • On average, Keith drops 120 signs per month. His rule is to put out 2 signs whenever he goes out. 


Having a website up before making his big marketing push was important. People told him he didn’t need a site or that a basic one-page site would do. However, Keith knew that a great site would showcase his message, mission, and sincere intent to help others. His site looks great on mobile devices, catching the attention of all those people who may be interested in his offer as they drive by. 


The Craigslist Strategy


Craigslist is still one of the best ways to generate cheap leads. Keith’s strategy included a few key steps. 


  • He had two different versions of his ad. One introduced his company and services, the other was a bit more personal. 
  • He posted in the services section under real estate services, moving services, and other places where his competition wasn’t. 
  • He posted one ad every Friday, with each ad being up for 4 weeks. At any time, Keith would have 4 ads up in one place or another. 
  • Keith set up a separate phone number for Craigslist, helping him to know where the leads were coming from. 


Investor Carrot offers a great resource to help you kick off your Craigslist campaign to generate quality, low-cost leads. 


“When others were out drinking on a Friday night, I was putting up signs or home placing Craigslist ads.” 


All of Keith’s hustle worked. His first check was for $8,900. 


Keith’s Marketing Mix Today


Keith’s marketing strategy today still incorporates Craigslist and bandit signs, but he’s added a few other elements to his marketing strategy. Today, Keith’s leads come from a variety of places. 


  • Bandit Signs
  • Craigslist
  • Investor Carrot
  • Ringless Voicemail
  • Social Media
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Organic Traffic 
  • Paid Ads - PPC


PPC has been instrumental for Keith. He’s been able to close 1 in 10 leads this way. Recently, PPC costs have driven people away from this method of marketing. This has opened the doors for people who want to use PPC to drive more high-quality leads to their websites. 


The Importance of Mindset


Throughout Keith’s journey in real estate, he’s learned that he needs to keep the right mindset. By consistently doing all of the small things each day, Keith was able to build a business that he is proud of. He went to school, he learned the business, and he got to work. He didn’t give up and that is what has led him to the life he’s leading today. 


The way he operates his business is simple. He wants to work with people he likes, doing deals that really help everyone. He knows people may take advantage of his kindness, but the way he looks at it is that it’s an inexpensive way to weed out the bad people from his life. 


I recently challenged our listeners to do some push-ups each day, doing one more than they had the day before. I’ve watched Keith crush this challenge, putting up his videos and numbers each day. It is this mindset that is helping him to grow his business into something bigger. 


Consistency is inspiring. While the flash in the pan is eye-catching, the person who is doing the work day in and day out, will ultimately be the bigger inspiration to those around them. They may not have been inspiring others on day one, but when they are doing 150 push-ups in a row, people are going to notice. 


Follow Our Guest:


Check out Keith’s website Kind House Buyers


You can find Keith on LinkedIn


Kind House Buyers on Facebook


Mentioned In This Episode: 


CarrotCast Episode 102 - CarrotCamp Spring 2018 Real Estate Investing Mastermind for Market Domination


CarrotCamp - The 2-day event to change your mindset, business, and life. 

Investor Carrot’s Craigslist Resource

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When every other agent and investor is offering the same not sacrificing your commissions? What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Let me just walk you through the most effective, actionable steps and catch-phrases you can start using to craft your own irresistible offer - just like how I’ve grown my previous businesses, Carrot, and how our top customers are closing more deals than anyone else. Let’s go! Visit for the entire series.

How mindful are we when it comes to the things you are saying? Not just to the people in front of you, but online as well? We have a very meaningful departure from our usual topics today, and instead, we wanted to focus on a topic that’s becoming more and more prevalent...cyber-bullying. Carrots own Joaquin Ortiz shares his story of family member and legendary marathon runner, Dr. Frank Meza, who was recently impacted by cyber-bullying. Listen in to learn how we can play our own parts in being more mindful.

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How many of your deals fall through because your buyer decided to back out at the last minute? Or maybe you offered everything you could think of, but they still weren’t convinced that you were the solution they needed. Throw out everything you thought you knew about sales. I’m going to teach you an entirely new perspective. Start shifting the way you speak to your prospects and stop letting deals fall through the cracks. Listen in. Visit for the entire series.

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Let’s welcome back a returning guest and one of my all-time favorite dudes, Daniel Digiacomo. Daniel is a pro when it comes to building a buyers list and adapting to a changing market. He started in real estate about 10 years ago as a landlord, and is now dominating the Baltimore, MD market in wholesaling. Today, we talk about the brass tacks on the recently passed legislation in Illinois affecting wholesalers. Is Wholesaling really illegal in Illinois? What’s this mean for me as an investor? & More! Listen in!

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“The market is saturated.” We hear this a lot lately. We know there are floods of new agents and investors coming into your market, wanting a piece of the pie. Competition is real. But we’re going to tell you why this shouldn’t be a concern for you, whether you’re new or experienced. The good news is that this happens in near every industry, and there are specific things you can do to stand out from your competitors. Trevor’s going to share with you one of the most important lessons he’s learned in his career, through working with tons of real estate investors and now agents. Hear from a master marketer on how you can stand out and build authority in your market. Listen in. Visit for the entire series.

Tyler Ford is our first ever 3-time CarrotCast guest - and there’s a good reason why! A few years ago, Tyler was at a crossroads in his business where he was either going to get out of the game, or decide to go all in. Now, he’s owning search results for a variety of terms in his market, finding creative ways to do more deals as an EXP agent and investor, and wholesaling multiple deals per month! He’s pretty glad that he decided to go all in. Listen in to hear his story and implement his strategy.

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You can find plenty of strategies and hacks about “How to reach your key demographic” or “How to find your ideal customer”, but the biggest problem is most people tend to skip over this one fundamental piece of all marketing. It’s the thing that separates the successful from the struggling. It’s the thing that removes all obstacles between you and your customer. It’s what you can’t afford to miss. Hear what it is in this week’s marketing truck talk with Trevor. Visit for the entire series.

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Ever feel like you’ve “lost your edge?” After experiencing a few big wins and some serious income growth, it can be a real bummer when you’re just not moving forward like you used to. It’s almost like we’re not as hungry, so we forget how to hunt! You feel like you’ve gotta bust through the brick wall… you need to find your motivation…and get back to your youth! Well, I don’t have a magic age-reducing serum that will make you feel 22 again, but I can tell you the exact mindset shifts I’ve made that have allowed me to show up with a tenacity that I haven’t seen in myself in a long time. Listen in now and find out how to get your gusto back. (no age-serum required)

In this 15-Minute Marketing Truck Talk, Trevor begins to walk you through his content bullseye framework. He'll be teaching you exactly how you can increase your credibility and build authority through easy-to-shoot videos, so you can beat out the competition in your market. Listen in to hear some of our best, most simple tactics you can start implementing in your business today. Visit for the entire series.

Six years ago, Dave Brown gave up his real estate license to build a business that served the lifestyle he wanted to create.

He wanted to prove people wrong. The vision was to create a machine that generated a steady flow of motivated seller leads on a daily basis.

He put in the work and soon started closing multiple deals per month in a competitive market.

But here’s the catch…

He did it with no cold calling, no direct mail, no employees, all online, all organic traffic. Fast forward to today - He’s leased out his entire business for multiple 5 figures per month!

Now Dave finally has the time to pursue his passions and do what matters most in life.

Listen in to find out how he did it!

There are 3 ways to grow any business…Get more customers, Increase the frequency of purchases, or Increase the average order size. Today Trevor is going to teach you his best tactics for each one! This will be a quick mix of what we do at Carrot and what our best customers are doing. Listen in to find out how you can start getting the most from every deal. Visit for the entire series.

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Anthony Beckham became an agent just 3 years ago, but has kept a keen eye on the industry disruptions taking place. Even with his fair share of success, he was still anxiously treading on commissions and hustling to find the next deal. But we noticed his hustle. And we noticed how he was doing business differently than other agents. So... we invited him into Carrot HQ pick apart his entire strategy and mindset. Listen to our conversation to learn what he’s doing, so you can stand apart and build a business that brings true financial freedom.

Get ready for some big, juicy knowledge bombs! We're putting our weekly live show "Ask Carrot" on temporary hold, but we still want to bring you as much value as humanly possible! So, we thought to ourselves "What better way to teach you marketing than to tap into the mind of the smartest marketer we know!" In this special 15-minute Marketing Masterclass, Trevor's going to teach you how to make people fall in love the way you do business, so they become your biggest advocates and best referrers. Here we go! Visit for the entire series.

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I used to think that if I just worked hard enough, I could make something big happen… I would feel a real sense of accomplishment… I could be in a spot where I could rest and finally be happy with my efforts. But, it wasn't until this one thing that I'm about to share with you that everything started to change for me. As our business grows at a rapid rate, I’m continually forced to step back and reevaluate everything we’re doing and get back to my ‘why’. Listen in and find out how you can get away from the grind, do more of what matters, and break free from stressful, crazy workdays.

How the heck do you as a real estate agent compete with Zillow and the big “iBuyers?” You beat them at their own game. In this Live Ask Carrot, Trevor breaks down the current shift that’s happening in the real estate industry, what you need to be looking out for, and how agents and investors working together is going to be crucial if you want to stand out.

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For a lot of us, real estate is the gateway to financial freedom. But trying to close a deal while you’re still working a 9-5 can be a struggle! If you’re just getting started and you’re trying to replace your income, you need to hear Dennis Fassett’s story. Dennis is a successful investor with a family and a full-time job. He’s going to teach you exactly how you can bring home the bacon even with limited time and resources, plus why he chooses to keep his day job.

Dennis’ Snapshot:

“Real Estate Marketer” in the Metro Detroit, MI market + 4 other markets.
Got his start in real estate just before the economy crashed.
Direct Mail + Carrot are his two main lead sources.
He has 4 business partners that he “farms” leads out to.
He generated 77 Deals in 2018.

Follow our guest:

Dennis’ Blog:
Connect with Dennis on Linkedin:
Connect with Dennis on Facebook:

While being raised dirt poor (literally), his parents worked 16 hour days in the sun. He had no education until he came to America at 9 years old, dropped out of High School at 17, and moved into his girlfriend’s mom's trailer to start a new life. How does one insecure, shy kid turn into a money-making, content-producing machine?

His name is Khang Le and he’s a massive action-taker.

He brings more energy than anyone we know and he’s here to teach you how you can change your life.

In this inspirational, yet tactical conversation, you'll hear about:

Khang's business model as a real estate investor and why he chooses not to do fix-n-flips,

How he nets $250k/month across 4 markets, all deals done virtually,

His strategy for direct mail, cold calling, and virtual assistants,

and the difference between owning a job and owning a business.

Follow our guest:

Follow Khang on Instagram @khang.wtm

Khang Le’s Wholesale to Millions on YouTube

Mentioned in this Episode:

How to get convert more leads from the cold calling you’re already doing:

How Come That Idiot's Rich and I'm Not?

‘The Secret’ Documentary:

As we continue ‘Content Is King’ month, it wouldn’t help you very much if we didn’t teach you how to actually get eyeballs on your content. This week we show you how to create compelling content that is specific to your ideal customers, how to publish consistently without it taking all your time, and most importantly, how to turn your audience into leads. Catch the replay on or LIVE Thursdays at 1 PM pacific on or

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Before the success of growing Carrot, came a slew of failures and struggles. If it weren’t for making a few massive mindset shifts through the years, I wouldn’t be where I am today. In this speech from Max Maxwell’s live event, I shared with 1,000+ wholesalers the most crucial realizations and steps I had to take in order to break free from the grind, regain my happiness, and build a valuable business that is worth waking up for. Don’t waste another minute trying to do it alone. Hit play.

“You can have everything you love in life as long as you give up what you don’t love.”

Mentioned in this Episode:

Follow me on Instagram @trevor.mauch

EP 143: You Must Go DOWN Before Coming UP:

My Daily Habit Tracker:

My Revolutionary Energy Audit Process:

August is “Content is King!” month at Carrot! The biggest roadblock we hear from our customers when it comes to content is “I don’t know what to talk about!” Well, you’ve got the time, the money, and the expertise… all you need is the right idea! We’re going to walk you through our framework for how to create more of what your customers want to hear most (all without a big budget or team.) Stop struggling when it comes to putting out content! Tune in and find out how we do it here at Carrot. Catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook or

I'm crazy excited about today's guest. Let me introduce you to Tyler Ford because his story is exactly why we do what do here at Carrot.

People ask us why we do what we do. It's not for the lead generation side of things.

That's what we do.

That's how we help our clients crush it and grow predictable, consistent, profitable businesses. They finally have freedom, flexibility, finances, and can make an impact. That's why we do it. That's what we do.

Why we do it is exactly Tyler's story. He's gonna walk through how he was ... he's been in real estate for 20 years, and he was about to give up his entire business January of 2017, and he made one change that he's gonna be talking about on the episode of the CarrotCast that made 2018 the best start to his real estate career he's ever had, the happiest he's ever been in his business, and he's also growing and growing his businesses.

It's still just him and his wife flipping but he's growing his agent business and he's insanely happy. He's gaining momentum, and every one of us wants momentum.

As entrepreneurs, momentum is so, so important. When you don't have it, you can feel it. You're down, you're out, you're getting stressed, you're tired. You just don't feel like you're doing the right things. When you have it, nothing can go wrong and that's where Tyler is right now.

So, if you guys wanna know how he unlocked that momentum, and how he went from almost giving up his 20-year real estate business January of 2017 to now, completely shifted, happy, most profitable as ever, he's gonna tell you.

But first, he mentions a couple episodes of the CarrotCast in here that changed his life, and some of these things were some of those pivotal points for him that changed his mindset, that got him thinking in a different way.

So, key into those podcast episodes.

One of them is my Five Non-Negotiables episode. We've actually done this one twice, go back in the archives in iTunes or on Find that one about my five non-negotiables.

That one changed my life and Tyler mentioned it changed his life as well.

There are a couple other resources in there, too. I want you to go to, T-Y-L-E-R, and you're gonna be able to go to this episode if you're listening to it on iTunes or watching it on YouTube, and you're gonna be able to download Tyler's formula that he developed in conjunction with our formula during 2017 that helped him get that momentum.

So, this is basically a process of formula that you can follow if you're in a spot in your business to where you're not having as much fun as you wanna have or it's not as profitable as you wanna have it.

You might even be thinking about giving up, or you don't have the momentum. This formula Tyler walks through is exactly how you can get it.

Without further ado, let's welcome in Tyler Ford.

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Chris Cooper, author of Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief: The Four Phases of the Entrepreneur's Journey, knows what it’s like to burn out as an entrepreneur. He’s built valuable businesses but has also been on the edge of bankruptcy. He’s here to share his story that many of us can relate to. Trevor and Chris talk about the ugly side of entrepreneurship like not being able to step out of the day-to-day, and what happens when you finally make the money you wanted, but your still not happy. With the right advice at the right time, here’s some advice on how you can get through it.

Follow our guest:

Chris on LinkedIn:

Chris’ business:

Chris’ Podcast:

Take “The Four Phases of Entrepreneurship” Test at


Mentioned in this Episode:

Founder, Farmer, Tinker, Thief: The Four Phases of the Entrepreneur's Journey by Chris Cooper:

Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz:

Going from a 1 man shop to building a team? Taking your small team to a larger enterprise? This is for you. Scaling a business is fun, but challenging. There will be growing pains! On this Ask Carrot replay, our VP of Growth, Kiley, covers the vital questions to ask yourself as you grow, as well as the motivation and mindset shift you’ll want to make in order to beat stress and stay happy while chasing big, ambitious goals. Catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook or

06:00 The first question to ask before you decide to grow your business. Ask yourself WHY. Define success for yourself.

08:00 “When motivation fades, discipline starts to carry.” Define your non-negotiables.

09:00 Setting goals is easy. “The future is never a solution to the present.”

11:00 #1 The biggest challenges of scaling a business: Exposing weaknesses, Frustrating communication, Disrupting process, and Magnifying risk.

13:00 “Your job is to solve problems. We are a company full of problem-solvers.”

15:00 Your vision should be a simple promise and a contract with yourself. You have to stay in touch with your promise throughout the years.

16:00 Your customers are your best consultants. “The best way to build a brand is by making and keeping promises.”

17:00 “What marketing channels do I use to upscale my wholesale business? Facebook, Adwords, direct marketing?” Start with SEO, then Google Ads, then Facebook.

20:00 Sometimes people get so siloed in what they do that they lose sight of the overall vision of the company. “Nobody is too good to do anything.”

22:00 #2 Stress Management: Did you know that stress physically changes your brain and increases your perception of threats? Simply being aware of this is key to managing your stress. Assume the best in one another.

24:00 #3 Patterns and Processes: As time marches on, it is natural

28:00 Perfect data doesn’t exist. Everything you do won’t be a home-run. You’ve got to be willing to disrupt your own process.

29:30 “How would I teach this?” Take time to document processes as you build your company

33:00 Business isn’t life. “Growth for the sake of growth very rarely leads to long-term satisfaction” Pick great business partners.

Mentioned in this episode:

If I Had To Start All Over Here's What I'd Do To Close A Deal Within 60 Days Using 100% Online Leads

If you’re spending money on Pay Per Click (Google ads) to drive leads to your website, you need to make sure that you’re (1) not wasting money on bad clicks and (2) actually converting those clicks into leads and deals. On this live replay, Brendan breaks down his best practices for those getting started in PPC: The pros and cons of Google Smart Campaigns, How to structure your keywords, and how to build credibility. Watch the replay on YouTube and catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook or

10:00 Trends Brendan sees with PPC: 

14:00 Throwing away leads and leaving money on the table because they’re not local to you.

18:35 The Pros and Cons of using Google Smart Campaigns. How it might be costing you more money than you think.

26:00 The biggest mistakes in PPC and how to structure your keywords

36:00 How to calculate your budget for PPC

44:30 The #1 Thing you need to nail down before paying for PPC: Your about page.

51:00 What’s a good cadence or maintenance plan for my campaign & The problem with #1 or #2 spot in Google

58:00 “Have you experimented with YouTube ads?”

Mentioned in this episode:

The most important page on your website:
How to calculate your max cost-per-lead:
Carrot’s PPC report:

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You need a coach. Someone to show you your blind spots, to call you out when the going gets tough. That's why I recorded this episode for you. This episode is for anyone asking themselves “What is this all for? What am I working towards?” If you or your team are stuck in the day-to-day and struggling to see the bigger picture, you need to define your hall of fame. Listen in and don’t wake up one more day without getting back to your ‘why’.

Direct download: EP_163_What_Every_Entrepreneur_Needs_To_Know_Your_Hall_of_Fame.mp3
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Carter Steph is no newbie to real estate. Last year, he and his team brought in over $1 Million in net profits, while closing on about 20% of their leads. In this episode, he shares what he’s focusing on to stretch his margins, how they dramatically increased their lead-to-close ratio, and what key advice he has for investors that DON’T have a big marketing budget. Listen in and don’t forget to Subscribe to the CarrotCast on Apple Podcasts!

We want you to get more leads. To help you get more leads, we give you the tools help you show up when people search for you online. We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by SEO. Today we break it down for you in an easy-to-understand way. We cover: What Google looks for, How to stand out, Best Practices, AND what to do if you don’t have any time to write a blog post or tinker with your website. :) Catch the replay at and join us LIVE Thursdays at 1 PM PST on

Direct download: What_You_Need_to_Know_About_SEO__Ask_Carrot_17.mp3
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**Warning: This interview is unconventional, unapologetic, and 100% authentic!** What separates those who are dominating the real estate market from the rest of us? They’re good at this one thing... getting more people’s attention. When everyone is offering the same thing, you need a way to stand out! Today, Mike shares his story of how he quickly went from the “new guy” to the beloved “Digital Mayor” of his town, by just being himself. Listen in to find out how you can hone in your marketing and messaging to become the go-to guy or gal in your city.

Follow our guest:


Still trying to figure out Facebook ads? Are your ads just not pulling in leads or costing you too much? Today, Kiley Newbold, Facebook Ads guru and Carrot’s VP of Growth, is going to answer your burning questions. It’s time to start closing more deals from Facebook!

Get the free guide on How to Fix Any Facebook Campaign here:

Watch our Facebook 3-Step optimization guide video:

2:00 Should I use a different Facebook pixel for my buyer and seller sites? If your an investor, Yes. Agent? The same pixel will work great. Here’s why…
4:00 Your message to motivated sellers vs cash buyers
5:00 “What should I do with negative comments?” Make your skeletons dance, or turn a bug into a feature. It’s a risky thing to think of Facebook as an outbound ad platform. It’s engagement driven and users expect to be engaged with. Facebook will actually reward you for engaging in ads with people
11:38 “Do I need to post to my page every day? Every week?” “How often should I post to my facebook business page?” Posting to your page matters, but it also doesn’t matter. Here’s how facebook organic reach works vs paid ads and why it’s important to be strategic about the content your visitors are going to see.
17:03 “What do I do if my ads aren’t performing?” This is sort of like asking what to do if your car isn’t working. Fortunately, we’ve developed a 3-Step framework for troubleshooting Facebook Ads. Here are the 3 things to check when your Facebook ads aren’t performing:

Catch us live every Thursday at 1PM PST on Facebook or

Are you struggling to compete in a flooded market? Find out how you can stand out, branch out, and take that next big step in scaling your business. RJ and Cassi are wholesalers from Dallas, TX who have done deals in over 25 states and are growing at a rapid pace. You’ll hear their marketing tactics, Facebook ad strategies, apps & tools, and how they bake purpose into their business to find fulfillment doing what they love!

Follow our Guest:

RJ & Cassi's Carrot Site:

Titanium Investments on Facebook:

RJ Bates on Facebook

Cassi DeHaas on Facebook:

Mentioned in this Episode:

In this very special truck talk, Trevor tackles a variety of questions, from how to balance family and the entrepreneur lifestyle, key marketing concepts every business owner needs to understand, and which mammal Trevor would most like to wrestle. There's something in this episode for everyone! Enjoy and don't miss us Thursdays at 1 PM on or

Direct download: N_Part_12_Its_A_Trevor_Truck_Talk_TAKEOVER__Ask_Carrot.mp3
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In part 2 of this very special truck talk, Trevor tackles a variety of questions, from how to balance family and the entrepreneur lifestyle, key marketing concepts every business owner needs to understand, and which mammal Trevor would most like to wrestle. There's something in this episode for everyone! Enjoy and don't miss us Thursdays at 1 PM on or

Direct download: N_Part_22_Its_A_Trevor_Truck_Talk_TAKEOVER__Ask_Carrot.mp3.mp3
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YouTube star, Real Estate DO-RU, and friend of Carrot, Max Maxwell is back on the podcast to share exactly how he's built a wildly successful wholesaling business from scratch and what he’s doing to crush his revenue numbers year after year. You’ll get to hear: Max’s RVM and cold calling strategies, but more importantly why he’s shifting away from it and putting more energy into his biggest lead source.

What you need to focus on as a one-man-shop, and the keys to growing your team.

The #1 tool his team is using that creates more inbound opportunities, more intelligent conversations, and builds trust and credibility with sellers.

How to stay consistent with your marketing in order to catch sellers at the perfect time.

How to cold call without getting hung up on.

And where he’s finding cash buyers.

Follow our guest:

Max on YouTube:

Maxon Instagram:
Max’s Carrot Site:

Mentioned in this Episode:

EP 127: Cold Calling Their Way to $900k in Profits. How Max Maxwell and Tony Robinson Have Used Carrot and Calls to Their Advantage:

EP 77: Closing 25% of His Leads: How Does Max Maxwell Leverage Online Marketing and Inspirational Storytelling to Close 1 in 4 Leads:

EP 124: Max Maxwell + Tony Robinson Unplugged: The Struggles, Lessons, Failures, and Keys That Led to a Multi-million Dollar Real Estate Business w/ Trevor Mauch:

EP 143: You Must Go DOWN Before Coming UP:

Did you know the #1 site in our whole system as far as lead volume goes is a land investing site? Yep, you read that right... an investor flipping land. Why? Less competition. No rehabs, contractors, or toilets. So many investors are throwing away good leads! On this replay of AskCarrot, we'll show you how our members are using Carrot to attract and convert thousands of land sellers and buyers per month. Want to get into land? Dive in! Catch the YouTube version at and join us live every Thursday at 1 PM - or

11:20 “We’re not just teaching you how to get leads, we’re teaching you how to be better marketers.”
13:30 Looking at Carrot’s highest-performing land website Case studies with Carrot and land - Luke Harris is doing 8-10 deals per month
16:40 How to do a land deal, step-by-step
19:00 The two types of land you can get into
24:00 Supply and Demand: How direct mail, Google, and cold calling, craigslist, and
33:30 Keywords to target when buying and selling land
44:30 What types of online content should I be creating for my land website to attract more sellers?
52:35 The math behind land deals: Shoot for tripling your money.

Find out how to generate land leads online with Carrot:

Mentioned in this episode:

Websites for buying and selling land:

Find out how to generate land leads online with Carrot:

Luke Harris’s Carrot land site:

Jack Bosche’s land resources:

Top CarrotCast episodes on land:

EP 79: [Case Study] How Luke Harris Flipped 50+ Pieces Of Bare Land This Year:

EP 47: Flipping Vacant Land: How Gary Horton Pivoted His Wholesaling Business In A Tough Market To Be On Track To Flip 100 Pieces Of Bare Land In 2017:

EP 142: He’s Flipped 4,000 Pieces of Land… Why It’s An Amazing Time To Start w/ Jack Bosch:

Direct download: Flipping_Land_In_2019.mp3
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Extensive research and data compiling by Postal Impact finds that an investor’s biggest missed opportunity is their follow-up sequence.

Surprisingly, less than 20% even have one, yet a whopping 60-70% of your deals come from having a good follow-up sequence!

In this episode, Christina Krause is going to show you some of her best lead-gen strategies on how to attract more motivated sellers using data you probably already have. She's a seasoned real estate investor with a wealth of knowledge on what works in today's shifting market. She also shares exactly how they're crushing it with direct mail. Her company, Postal Impact, is all about making your probate marketing simple, painless, and automatic.

We'll also be talking about how to go into new markets, what it means to scale personal attention, and how you can use data and automation within your business. Enjoy this special episode!

Watch the full YouTube video at

Full show notes at

Agents, are you worried about Zillow running you out of business? You shouldn’t be. We’re going to show you EASY ways to outrank them in Google with content, credibility, and Carrot. Skip ahead to 27 minutes to get the juicy details and head over to YouTube to catch the replay of this week’s LIVE Ask Carrot. Catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook, YouTube, or

9:30 “Trevor, how can I get into real estate investing with limited funds?”

13:00 Brian Rockwell's story of transitioning from school teacher to a successful investor

27:00 How to control the conversation around your brand online with “The Content Bullseye”

30:00 Hacking Google: how to use suggested search terms to find your niches

34:00 Deconstructing Zillow’s entire online strategy

Mentioned in this episode:

From Teacher to $80k/Month Wholesaling Real Estate in a Competitive Market With 100% Online Leads w/ Carrot Client Brian Rockwell:

Direct download: How_to_Beat_Zillow.mp3
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EP 156: [Republish!] What’s Your Credibility Score? The Top 5% Of Earners Are Doing These “Simple” Things To Build More Credibility In A Cluttered Market w/ Trevor Mauch

In markets, with little competition, the product and the offering are often the most important factor that a prospect uses to decide what company to work with. But in a cluttered market, with lots of competition, like today’s real estate world… credibility has grown to trump “product” as the main decision factor that can make or break your next deal.

So, what are the top 5% of real estate investors and agents doing to build more credibility in the market to make their competition irrelevant while their competition tries tactic after tactic to catch up?

Trevor dives into specific examples and lays out his “Credibility Score” theory to help you determine what you should fix asap to build your credibility even more.

Listen to our other episodes at

Direct download: Trevor_Mauch_-_Crediblity_Full_Audio.mp3
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On this replay of our weekly Live Ask Carrot Call, Trevor and Adrian walk you through the exact steps to take to close your first deal in 60 days. We dive deep into PPC, going through proven examples of strategy and budgets. We also do a little bit of site conversion breakdown and get into successful Facebook ads near the end! Don’t forget to catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook or

Direct download: If_I_Had_To_Start_All_Over....mp3
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Do you feel like you should be further along by now? Do you feel like like you’ve been slaving away, but you're still stuck in the same daily grind? Are you waiting for that breakthrough where the budget isn’t so tight anymore, where you’re not overwhelmed by all the projects you have going in, where you can finally take that trip with your spouse that you’ve been dreaming of? If so, this podcast episode is for you. It’s time to water your bamboo. Listen now. Renew your mindset. Reap the benefits.

Direct download: Water_Your_Bamboo.mp3
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On this short recap of yesterday's LIVE ASK Carrot, we show you quick and easy changes you can make to your Carrot site that will help you stand out from the competition and convert more visitors into leads. If you missed the live show, check out the replay on or And, don't forget to check out the block post at Plus, shout out to Jonathan Tran with for the stellar podcast review!

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration. Someone further down the road to guide us. Let Steve Londeau be that guy. Growing up in Detroit, Steve got off to a rough start but soon realized he had the ability to change his life. Real Estate was his vehicle of change. He’s built a very successful wholesaling business that has set his family of 7 financially free. Hear his story where he walks you through his tactics, his marketing methods, how he built a team, AND what his single biggest lead source is.


Follow our guest:

Steve’s Carrot Site:
Steve on LinkedIn:


Mentioned in this Episode:

The Psychology of Negotiation: How To Talk With A House Seller to Close More Deals + Help More People w/ John Martinez:

Direct download: EP_154_Steve_Londeaus_Sucess_Story.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PST

In an increasingly crowded market where your marketing costs are going up and your ROI is going down, what do you do? Don’t get discouraged. On this replay of our weekly LIVE show, Trevor walks you through why you need to ramp up your marketing in order to outlast the competition and gives you practical advice on how to increase your credibility with buyers and sellers so you can close more of leads you have coming in. Listen in! Catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook or

11:50 Why your ROI is suffering
21:20 #1 Close the Credibility Gap... “Your customers are searching for burrito reviews, why would they not search for you?” Read this blog post: Inside the mind of a motivated house seller blog post:
22:20 “You not only have to be discoverable, but you have to be available.”

25:30 How do you preframe someone? What should you say on phone calls? Check out this episode: The Psychology of Negotiation: How To Talk With A House Seller to Close More Deals + Help More People w/ John Martinez:
28:30 “Your customers are looking for ways to be able to trust you.”
32:00 #2 Have Multiple Profit Strategies
37:30 “The way to increase your conversion rate is simply by building more relationships.”
42:45 Doing creative deals from other investor’s “bad leads”.

44:00 Serve the strategy AND serve the person.
47:50 What's your credibility score?
52:00 #3 Spend More! In an increasingly crowded market where your marketing costs are rising… If your online ROI is dropping, don’t cut off those marketing arms. Find out why.

59:00 Recap!

1:05 A short story to get you motivated... Never give up!



Inside the mind of a motivated house seller blog post:

The Psychology of Negotiation: How To Talk With A House Seller to Close More Deals + Help More People w/ John Martinez:

EP 122: 100+ Deals This Year Turning Other Peoples DEAD Leads Into Deals / Tang Nguyen and the “Odd Brothers”

Direct download: My_Online_Marketing_ROI_is_Taking_a_Dive.mp3
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I’ve never had a real job. I’ve spent my entire adult life building businesses, but not ones that made me happy. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, 80% of the work I was doing was draining my energy, until one day I decided I couldn’t take it anymore... I quit everything. I set out to build a business that would GIVE me energy, UNLEASH my potential, and FUEL my passion. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. And with a little guidance, I believe you can too.

Direct download: Ep_153_How_To_Build_A_Business_Around_Your_Passion.mp3
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Why is video content key to staying relevant in real estate and how do I actually create effect videos for my business? Trevor is going to walk you through real-time examples of the types of videos you need to shoot, exactly what you should be saying, and how to optimize your videos so they help you rank higher in Google, build credibility, and close more deals. Catch us live every Thursdays at 1PM PST on, Facebook or YouTube.

Direct download: Ask_Carrot.mp3
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Are agents and investors in danger of becoming obsolete? The answer depends on IF you’re executing this one thing in your business right now. On my way back from a real estate agents mastermind in Beverly Hills, I was stuck on this question, in a world where we increasingly rely less on human interaction and more on artificial intelligence and automation. So, I looked to the past for answers, specifically, the Stock Market Crash of 1987, when I had an epiphany... you’re going to want to hear this.

Find out how to get people to like you, trust you, deliver better results,

how to win over any of your skeptics,

and how Agents can become the ‘digital mayor’ of your town.


Direct download: EP_152_Will_Real_Estate_Agents_be_Relevant_10_Years_From_Now.mp3
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On this episode of the Carrot Cast, I invited a guest on named John Martinez. John is probably ... Not probably. He is the leading sales trainer in the real estate investing industry. I had a chance to meet him in person finally after following him for quite some time down in Dallas at a mastermind, at the Investor Fuel Mastermind that we're a part of. John blew me away at his presentation down there. I really loved kind of the role-playing that he did up on stage, talking through the way that high achieving and high performing real estate investors negotiate and discuss the transaction with sellers.

What we're going to do is you're going to learn a lot about John's story, but then about 10, 15 minutes in, we're going to dive in knee deep on role-playing, and basically walking you through every step of the way, all the way from hopping on the call, to meeting the seller in person first, what you say, how you prepare them, how you set expectations, exactly word for word what to say. This stuff is pretty darn amazing.

Now, the cool thing about this is this call isn't just, hey, jot this script down, because that's not it at all. What John teaches you is the fundamentals behind why these work, so now you can be empowered to go out there as someone who understands psychology and understands how to actually really, truly serve your sellers and your prospects, all right?

I want you to completely shift and transcend your current mindset on how you're currently talking with sellers.

Direct download: CarrotCast_EP96_John_Martinez_Audio_4-03-18.mp3
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Some might call us crazy, but we call it committed. Not only do we have a big announcement today, but we are giving away Bose speakers, Carrot SWAG, and by the way... all of our secrets on how to build a successful brand and an audience of evangelists. The same secrets that grew a bootstrapped, rural-America startup to one of America’s fastest-growing companies. If you’re in this for the long game, you need to hear this episode. Listen in & join the International #carrotday at

Direct download: Carrot_Day_launch_episode.mp3
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Trevor and Adrian break down the marketing, mindset, and business model that our most successful customers are using, as well as ourselves internally, at Carrot. These methods work if you put them to work! Don’t miss it on this replay of our weekly live show Ask Carrot.

Catch us LIVE every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook or

Direct download: Ask_Carrot_5.mp3
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You’ve tried direct mail, you’ve tried cold calling, you’re on social media... you’re hustling every single day, but you’re just not getting the results you need. Something has to change. That's why we brought Laura on the show today. She’s a 30-year real estate veteran who has had massive success and wants to share exactly how she is closing 8 out of 10 deals and getting a consistent stream of quality, motivated leads. Listen in, take notes, and start executing the next-level strategies to help you build the business that sets you free!

Direct download: EP_148.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PST

Sometimes our biggest challenge when growing a business is conquering the false limitations that we place on our own potential. Today, Kiley Newbold and Trevor Mauch are talking about the real struggles of scaling a multi-million dollar business, how to build systems and teams that unleash you, and what being an entrepreneur really means. Prior to Carrot, Kiley helped grow the Color Run to over $70MM in revenue as VP of marketing and built a Facebook ads marketing firm for real estate investors.

Direct download: EP_147.mp3
Category:business -- posted at: 2:00am PST

Carrot CEO Trevor Mauch, Adrian Nez, Kiley Newbold, and special guests Max Maxwell & Daniel DiGiacomo went LIVE on this last episode of Ask Carrot to dive into how they've all built teams, all in different phases of their businesses. Delegating, building a team, hiring... whatever you call it... bringing other people in to help you grow your real estate investing / agent business is critical to gaining freedom and scaling. 

26:24 -Daniel, what’s your current team look like What mindset shifts did you have to make to scale your business?

30:00 - The Delegation Wheel concept

36:30 - “Max, I hired my first remote person in November. I close my first deal Monday in Fort Worth. I’m in Maryland. What’s my next hire to plan for?”

40:30 - There are different levels of investors out there. You need to find someone that is on your journey. - Max Maxwell

43:43 “How are you getting over perfectionism, Daniel?”

44:40: “Max, What have you learned about remote employees, what others might call VA's?”

47:30 - “What tools are you guys using for your teams?”

56:00 - “What CRM are you guys using?” See below!

1:03:00 - “When did you guys start using AdWords?”

1:09 - Max Maxwell on building the buyers side - “Every deal has to sell.”

1:11:00 -”what service do you guys recommend for RVMs?” See below!

1:15:00 - “As a beginner new investor who hasn’t done one deal yet, can Carrot core plan can get us good leads?”

1:18:00 - "Expensive is relative."

Use coupon code “Carrot” for Wholesaling Elite 2019 at
Claim you spot to CarrotCamp at
Follow Daniel:
Follow Max:
Follow Adrian:
Follow Kiley:
Follow Trevor:


Direct download: Ask_Carrot_3_Audio.mp3
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Chris went from Firefighter to employee at a house flipping business making money for his boss, to going it alone (and failing the first time)... and finally made things click and over 2 years went from $0 to $1.4M in revenue. Hear his journey, what made wholesaling finally work for him in a big way, and why he didn't quit when he burned through his whole marketing budget with no results.

3:04 - A look at Christian’s business: wholesaling since 2014, recently launched a private lending arm and property management arm, and plans to launch a full-service investment firm in 2019.

5:11 - How to turn a dead lead into $14,200 of commissions.

6:33 - Growing from $330 gross revenue during his first year to $1.4 million in gross revenue in 2018.

8:12 - From firefighting to real estate: how he made the transition and who helped him on his journey.

11:09 - “My girlfriend found a Groupon deal for real estate license”.

15:31 - Making an incredible comeback from failing as a real estate agent.

16:32 - How to talk with sellers and study the various personality types.

21:01 - How being transparent in your business can get you more deals.

22:45 - Why owning your credibility and reputation will ultimately help you close more deals.

27:34 - Christian's marketing plan for hitting $3 million in revenue this year + His current ROI and cost per deal.

34:31 - What to do when your online leads aren't converting.

36:31 - Christians unique strategy for finding buyers.

46:35 - What’s changing with MLS?

55:03 - How to make more money on the same deals you’re already closing.

58:35 - The one thing you should be focusing on as an entrepreneur.

Direct download: EP_146.mp3
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"How can I compete with Zillow when it comes to SEO?" Adrian Nez, an industry expert in SEO for real estate, and I show you how to do it, what WORKS, what HURTS and dive deep into what most sites are doing to crush rankings. Skip ahead to 1:02:21 to see how it's possible to outrank Zillow in SEO rankings.

9:05 - What makes my Google ranking drop?

14:00 - What can I get penalized for in Google? What about bad backlinks?

18:16 - "I hired a sketchy SEO company a year ago and my rankings are taking a tumble.

24:18 - "Why should I continue SEO once I have good rankings?"

42:24 - Pulling page speed reports on our own customer's websites

47:10 - Plugins for SEO

53:53 - "Our website already ranks high with SEO for many searches. Should we do Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) if we already rank well?"

1:02:21 - How to beat Zillow in SEO

1:13:30 - Using Google suggestions vs Keyword tools

What made you decide to become an entrepreneur? Why do you show up to work every single day? What makes it all worth it? For me, it took a week off work, 5 days without power, and a couple of powerful conversations with my mentor to see what I was missing out on.

1:05 - Masterminds & Disneyland - What I’ve been up to!

6:47 - Fixing the struggle to fill every moment with your cell phones and not being present in the moment by reliving memories with your family,

8:38 - Busy-ness is usually something we create ourselves. This week made me realize I need to force myself to slow down.

9:47 - Take a hard look at WHY you became an entrepreneur and why you put it in the hours.

10:16 - What it actually means to 10x your business and how people wrongly interpret it.

11:42 - My mentor's challenge to me: Think about the long game, find your WHY, and find the right people in your life to unlock you.

15:24 - My WHY and the impact I’ve been able to make on the town that I grew up in.

22:53 - The most exclusive mastermind for high achieving real estate investors…

We’re talking about Facebook ads for real estate investors, How to stand out from other real estate investors using the same marketing tools, All about “lead stacking” and more all on Ask Carrot episode #1.

4:43 “How can I make the transition from part-time investor to full-time investor?”

12:07 “What to do when my campaigns are getting clicks but no conversions? How can I measure ads attribution for my FB campaigns?”

22:52 “With a lot of other investors using Carrot sites, How will I stand out if there is a lot of “Carrot competition?”

34:39 ​”I want SEO to be the only marketing I do. What should I be doing daily to help with that?”

47:19 “How much funding do I need once I purchase a Carrot plan to consistently generate motivated leads each month?”

1:00:41 “Is having the same blog content as other investors or customers bad for my site? If so, what can I change in the duplicate content?”

1:10:34 “Trevor, I'm new to sales working from carrot platform.. how much sales training vs. action is it best to take? Perhaps practice each day for an hour before going out [drilling, practice]?”

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I wasn’t always wealthy... I didn't come from money, I never had an upper hand in life, and I’m not even that great at managing my own money. But thankfully I had a few people in my life who took their time to show me how to view money in a completely different way, recognize the opportunity that is available to everyone, and create abundant, lasting wealth that brings real freedom & flexibility, and allows me to make a massive impact. And today, I’m going to break it all down for you. Get ready to take notes and follow me on IG @trevor.mauch to get my wealthy “cheat sheet” and other golden nuggets from this episode.


4:13 - Whether good or bad, our worldview of money is shaped at an early age. Hear Trevor’s backstory of growing up without much money, but having parents who built their own businesses and shaped his mindset around money.

10:15 - My journey from making 16k/year to 200k in my late twenties to Carrot bringing in just under 6m in revenue.

13:59 - Wealthy people don’t gauge their worth by how much money they make. After 60-70k/year, income has diminishing returns.

16:19 - Wealthy people realize the opportunity to create income is abundant - Scarce vs abundance mindset.

17:24 - Breaking down misconceptions around money and happiness. - If you don’t first find purpose in your work, the money will never make you happy.

19:05 - Chuck’s Texaco - How one mechanic found happiness and purpose in his work, and never wants to retire.

21:48 - Wealthy people create income from assets vs creating income from a job.

22:43 - How Trevor entered real estate at age 21, by buying his first rental property with only $600.

26:12 - Wealthy people invest and give, while others save and spend. Check out The Latte Factor!

28:51 - Wealthy buy only what they can afford in cash. Others take loans and debt on consumer goods. Create wealth-building habits that map to your goals.

30:41 - Wealthy people use credit cards the RIGHT way - to grow wealth and help manage finances.

31:55 - Wealthy people’s expenses stay well below their income threshold, instead of rising.

33:09 - Wealthy people buy back their time in the early stages, instead of buying more stuff.

35:33 - Finding Happiness in a 535 square foot apartment.

38:19 - Wealthy people focus on adding income, not cutting expenses.

39:54 - Wealthy people become wealthy by adding value to others, not by taking money.

43:20 - Working for free...People pay what your services are worth to them. Understand your immense value, have the confidence to tackle your insecurities, and start charging what you’re worth.

48:17 - “The best things I ever spent money on were experiences.”

51:05 - “You are rich right now” Money aside, what do you have in your life that makes you rich? Share with us on Instagram, what makes you #richrightnow

59:50 - Create positive, situational affirmations around flawed money mindsets.

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I thought I had it all figured out. I was making over 100k a year as my own boss. But I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t who I wanted to become - the best version of myself. I was Insecure. I was afraid of failing. I knew there was something more and I was going to do whatever it took to take the leap of faith, even if it meant walking away from everything I’d built. It was time to chase my vision. It was time to take a risk, conquer my fears, my insecurities, and forget about what other people think. It was time to go down, so I could go up.


2:18  - I was miserable… It was 2010 and I’d hit a financial low of making just 16k a year. Something had to change. I knew there was more. More purpose, more happiness, more purpose. I had to transform.

4:48 - Why risks and sacrifices, and ultimately facing your fears must come before success: A tree, a seed, and a bird.

6:57 - 15 20 years later fully grown - a bird makes a home. Producing fruit and purpose. Momma bird raising the babies. Baby wants to fly, has to stand on the edge of the nest and jump off. Innate drive to fly and succeed

10:03 - I finally had a breakthrough and netted 15k in one day! At the time I thought I had it all figured out. But I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I had to take a leap of faith and figure out how to make money while being happy, having purpose, and adding value.

12:15 - I’m someone who doesn’t ask for help. I tried to leave it all up to myself and do it alone. I had to get over that. I had to shed my shell, get transparent, and get over my insecurities.

15:04 - “I’ve got a plan” Why any time someone criticizes you for following your own dreams, they’re speaking to their own insecurities or inabilities.

19:35 - Ego was one of my biggest obstacles. I had to conquer that too.  

20:56 - I want to give you permission to take a step back, to forget what other people might think, and take a step down, so you can grow up. Let me walk you through writing down your “shells” aka what’s holding you back. What do you need to conquer?

23:39 - Now write down your vision - the seed, water, and the tree. Does it get you insanely excited? Does it give you the energy you need to become your best self?

24:55 - Finding your purpose.

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Jack Bosch is the expert when it comes to land. In 17 years of flipping land, he has successfully flipped over 4,000 lots, and plans to flip about 15 deals PER MONTH this year! 2019 has been his best year ever and he’s going to share why now is an amazing time to start and how you can break into the market with a few tips and tricks. Learn how to create cash flow that provides generational wealth and get the knowledge, capability, confidence, and courage to succeed.


4:03 - Jack’s background in Real Estate - His main game is land flipping, but his team also deals in multi-family and other markets.


8:46 - Creating cash: Using the wheel of wealth to reduce expenses and invest it into assets.


23:21 - The 3 types of land Jack goes after and exactly how to find land buyers and sellers that turn into the best deals.


27:46 - Jack Bosch’s top tips on how to start buying and selling land.


35:30 - Breaking down the math behind Jack’s investments. How much revenue are his deals generating?


42:30 - Jack’s marketing mix for finding buyers and sellers. How direct mail and online are working together.


47:27 - Top resources for where to find buyers for land. with PPC and, LandWatch, Lands of America, LandFlip, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, RedFin, and Zillow. Start with free resources and amplify them with paid.

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Meet Troy. Troy is a 10-year real estate investor, so he kind of knows his stuff. One day while driving to work, Troy thought “I’m not getting any leads through my Carrot website, I think I’m just going to cancel.” But Troy’s not a quitter, so he decided “Ya know what, I actually like making money. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.” So Troy started ramping up his marketing through PPC and got some help from the Carrot folks. It turns out his work paid off… Troy made over $50k last month by closing 4 deals he got through his site. Now Troy is getting results. Now Troy is ramping up his business. Now Troy is happy! Here’s how he did it...


2:29 - Troy's started out 10 years ago as a real estate investor and house flipper in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Right now, he’s averaging about 8-10k per PPC deal and closing roughly every 1 in 5-10 leads. Get in touch with the PPC experts he used HERE.


8:41 - What one thing is costing you the most money?  Lack of follow-up with your leads. Consistent follow up is key to closing your deals. Sometime we think we’re bugging people by calling, texting, and emailing him. Without his persistency through 8-10 phone calls, Troy would’ve missed out on $30k from someone who wanted to sell their house.


13:12 - How he plan to ramp up his marketing this next year. Doubling down in online, optimizing his website, and committing to larger direct mail campaigns.


17:32 - How much can you afford to spend per deal? Figure out your max cost per lead and max cost per deal with this calculation:


18:16 - When something is not working, make a mindset shift and ask yourself "Have I truly given this a real chance?" Troy knew his time could be better spent on getting deals done so instead of going the DIY route with his website and marketing, he outsourced it and hired experts, and switched to Carrot’s advanced marketer plan.


21:15 -Suggestions for success from a carrot customer. Commit to finding a way to drive traffic to to your website. There’s a reason why we repeat ourselves at Carrot… the model works! Implement and educate, implement and educate.

Full show notes: 

I invited my mentor and close friend Seth Buechley out to my house this past weekend to talk about what we’re learning on our journeys as entrepreneurs, some of the growing pains with scaling Carrot (#599 on the Inc 500/5000 & Oregon’s fastest growing software company) and what we’re doing in order to lead our teams well and continue building valuable businesses. Seth has sold multiple companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is the CEO of Cathedral Consulting, and the host of the Business Done Right podcast.

3:36 - Once you have a vision for your future, your dreams will begin to materialize quicker. Think long term for your family and your business - create a life list! Where do you want to wake up in 5, 10, 25, 50 years? The life I was living as a serial-entrepreneur and freelancer actually wasn’t the life I wanted.


7:27 - If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you tend to “cycle” every 3-5 years or so and get bored or distracted by the next big thing. We need to practice patience and persistence and focus on what resources that we have right in front of us in order to be successful. Become an expert in one thing before branching out and focus on niching down in your industry.


15:59 - Make yourself “less relevant”. Being a great leader sometimes means taking a step back and empowering your team to step in. Learn how Trevor has created systems and processes that have allowed him to gain more freedom and flexibility, while still being the voice of the brand.

23:31 - Leaders must make tough decisions. When we avoid them, we put the successes of our business, our team, and ourselves at risk. Hear why turnover is a sign of a healthy culture... to a certain point.


28:17 - What’s the difference between transactional leadership and transformational leadership? Transactional leadership worked for Trevor until Carrot hit around the $1 million revenue mark. It’s reacting and delegating. It’s creating basic processes for how to complete tasks. Transformational leadership is empowering and unleashing your team, ultimately freeing you up from small tasks. It’s done by asking “What’s the outcome we're looking for? and What’s the way we measure success? And “What’s blocking you?” Write down where they're blocked and invest in the time to train them on decision making - design a process that guides them through the right questions to ask.


46:20 - I used to say I wasn’t a morning person. A habit tracker is the key tool that helped me change that.... and I’ve never even been good at habits!


52.34 - Accountability is misconstrued. You can create it for yourself through social pressure, measurements, and honesty. Habits that get you thinking about things differently.


Full show notes at:

Are you prepared for the changes up ahead? Investors, are you positioning yourself as the leader in your market? The housing market tends to shift every 8-10 years and we’re already starting to see more change in 2019 than in the last 3-5 years. Last week, we gathered 12 top-earning real estate investors from around the country for a 2-day long live Market Leader Summit to find out what they’re doing to thrive. Here’s what we learned...

03:19 - Where the market is heading? Experts don't predict a crash in 2019, but slower growth is anticipated and high-end markets will start to decline.

09:46 - Trends for real estate agents in 2019. Increasing time on market and more price appreciation, as growth starts to slow down.

11:59 - What about house flipping in 2019? With higher competition, slower closings and selective buyers, house flippers won’t be able to get away with as many mistakes in 2019. If you want to keep closing deals, you’re going to have to tighten up standards and pay attention to the details. Don't underestimate fix-up costs and consider increasing repair expenses to compete in a more competitive market.

21:43 - With new iBuyer programs from Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker homebuyers will other options over real estate agents. I believe this could be a good thing… as long as you’re building credibility and creating content to stand out in your markets. What are you doing in your marketing to position yourself as the only solution for buyers and sellers?

28:00 - What one thing ruins successful real estate investors? Choosing to not get creative with making deals happen. Even with consistent, predictable leads, looking at every deal and trying to fit it into a “box” can cause you to go hungry. Other Investors like Tang Nguyen will be picking up all the leads you passed up.

37:39 - Remember that every successful investor started with zero deals and zero experience. It’s time to get creative. Which method is continuing to grow and prove sustainable over time? The ONLY marketing vehicle that keeps gaining momentum and continues to get better is online. RVM, cold calling, direct mail are all cyclical marketing methods.

Often times, when we feel really overwhelmed, and are just struggling to keep up, it's probably because things are too complex. Maybe you've been trying to take more time off and get more freedom. Maybe you've tried everything, but can't quite seem to get there. The truth is, we can't grow our businesses and gain more freedom unless we simplify. On this mini CarrotCast episode I want to share with you a concept that has helped me de-clutter my life and get back more of my freedom and happiness.

02:26 - What the ceiling of complexity is and how it affects our happiness, our income, and our freedom.

03:28 - How simplification is the enemy of complexity.

05:56 - The first key to breaking through the ceiling of complexity: Process.

06:50 - Recognizing your productivity constraints and bottlenecks.

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In this annual planning call, Trevor is giving away his frameworks and strategies that helped Carrot land #599 the Inc 5000 list this year - the ones he is using every single day personally, and in business. Watch the video at and skip ahead to 23:15 to get started! What we’ll cover: My 2018… key things I learned, won, and lost. Why Goals and Resolutions often don’t work (and what DOES work for me). My 5 “F’s” exercise to diagnose the spots in your life you need to focus on the most. Some mindset things that worked for me in 2018. Creating a clear, exciting, and compelling vision for your life. My 1-page Annual Strategic Plan. How to create habits that stick (without setting goals). How an ancient Japanese concept called “Ikigai” changed my life.

Download all of your free resources + slides from the call here:

23:15 - Getting Started.

29:35 - What motivates entrepreneurs over time.

39:15 - My entrepreneur journey in a nutshell.

41:50 - My 4 step process to an epic year.

56:38 - Take a quick test on the 5 F’s: Fitness, Family, Friends, Financial, and Faith.

1:02:18 - How a lack of urgency is one of our biggest problems and the best fix for it.

1:48:21 - The ancient Japanese concept called “Ikigai” that changed my life.

1:52:58 - The 3 Step Personal Power Process: The Dreams Worksheet & 15-minute Energy Audit.

2:00:52 - The entire annual, quarterly, and monthly planning process we follow at Carrot.

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