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It’s been a really interesting year. This is the year that I've probably had to grow the most personally. As the team grows, you really start to look at yourself and go, "Man. The main bottleneck of growth in the company is you as the CEO." If you're not growing faster than the pace of the company, then you're gonna hold the company back. So, for me, there were spots where the company was growing fast and it could grow faster but the problem was I really needed to up-level the way that I lead. So in this episode, I'm going to recap my year for 2018 and some of the lessons, the key lessons, that I learned.

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03:00 - How you as a leader or CEO might be a bottleneck as your team grows.

04:59 - Invest in yourself: Hiring leadership coaches and finding mentors.

07:29 - Trevor's personal life: Crushing health and fitness goals & how to get rid of afternoon crashes and wake up feeling energized.

13:58 - What I failed at and learned from in 2018 and how I plan to grow in 2019.

19:42 - Forming better habits and routines to become the person you want to be.

20:32 - My personal morning routine.

27:12 - The Carrot Give Program and how we're changing lives in our communities. Check out

28:31 - Take action on who you want to become in 2019. Join Trevor for his annual EPIC planning call. It's totally free.

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