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We're bringing you a miro-episode of the CarrotCast just in time for the new year. I've talked a lot over the past few years about the power of visualizing your future and changing your habits to have more impact and become the person you want to be. This is something that I'm really passionate about and I'm convicted that if you want to make those changes in your life, it needs to happen today, not tomorrow, or on New Year's Day. I wanted to get personal in this episode and share with you a couple stories so that you can understand how this mindset has completely changed not only my life, but my wife's, my kid's, and even some of our members. Listen to this quick episode and then hit me up on Instagram. I want to hear how it impacts you. Also, don't forget to join me Dec 29th at 9:00 for my free annual EPIC planning call at I'm grateful to get to serve you and I'm super pumped about crushing 2019 with ya'll! See ya soon!

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It’s been a really interesting year. This is the year that I've probably had to grow the most personally. As the team grows, you really start to look at yourself and go, "Man. The main bottleneck of growth in the company is you as the CEO." If you're not growing faster than the pace of the company, then you're gonna hold the company back. So, for me, there were spots where the company was growing fast and it could grow faster but the problem was I really needed to up-level the way that I lead. So in this episode, I'm going to recap my year for 2018 and some of the lessons, the key lessons, that I learned.

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03:00 - How you as a leader or CEO might be a bottleneck as your team grows.

04:59 - Invest in yourself: Hiring leadership coaches and finding mentors.

07:29 - Trevor's personal life: Crushing health and fitness goals & how to get rid of afternoon crashes and wake up feeling energized.

13:58 - What I failed at and learned from in 2018 and how I plan to grow in 2019.

19:42 - Forming better habits and routines to become the person you want to be.

20:32 - My personal morning routine.

27:12 - The Carrot Give Program and how we're changing lives in our communities. Check out

28:31 - Take action on who you want to become in 2019. Join Trevor for his annual EPIC planning call. It's totally free.

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So you want to make a living in real estate? As a new investor, if you want to be able to weather the storms, you’re going to have to learn the tried and true strategies and tactics of the industry. Dylan has spent 15 years learning what works and adapting to the market in order to succeed. From private money to fix & flips to wholesaling, we’re going give you the tools and the advice you need to build a sustainable career as a real estate investor.

02:00 - Dylan Tanaka’s background as a Real Estate Investor

03:43 - How Dylan uses Carrot websites to help fuel his business.

07:29 - The first secret to his success as a real estate investor: private money.

10:13 - The strategy shifts Dylan made after the crash of ‘08 and how he got started in wholesaling real estate: private money, buying foreclosures, and fix & flips.
12:36 - The future of the real estate market and where it’s headed in 2019.

15:29 - Which marketing methods he's using for his business, both online and offline.

16:31 - How to build credibility and earn people’s trust as a real estate investor.

19:19 - Why any old website for your business just won't get you the results you need to run a sustainable business.

21:35 - Dylan’s current volume.

22:08 - Why you need to be involved in every real estate meetup in your local area.

25:12 - Strategies for investing and wholesaling in 2019.

29:56 - The best advice for new real estate investors.

33:11 - Tang Wynn's story - Closing over 100 deals a year without cold calling or direct mail.

36:12 -  Dylan’s “Why” behind what he does.

One thing that has really built community for our team and is something that I’m really passionate about is a holiday giving challenge. Now, it’s not what you think. I started this challenge with our team about 3 or 4 years ago. The aim isn’t to see how much money we can get. The aim is to amplify our community and those around us. I’ve had the opportunity to see the impact this challenge has made on other’s lives as well as my own. Listen in, take the challenge, and let us know how it goes. Enjoy!

01:22 - A look into creating company culture at Carrot: The $100 giving challenge.

02:09 - How our team members are using their $100 to spread joy and inspire others in their communities.

04:30 - Trevor's story of “Flowers For Other Grandmas” and why you’re giving doesn’t have to be perfect.

11:33 - The power that being a beacon of positivity can have in your life and business.

16:54 - Want free swag? Take the $100 giving challenge, get on Instagram, use hashtag #Carrotgivingchallenge and tag @trevor.mauch

18:25 - Join us on December 29th for Trevor’s free annual planning call at and get the exact resources he uses to strategically plan his year and grow Carrot.

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One thing I've learned through years of building our incredible team at Carrot is the goals we set have the ability to motivate, inspire, and push people towards their best efforts. But, they can also do just the opposite. Huge goals can wreck our happiness, contentment, and even our employees. The question isn't whether we can achieve those goals. But, it's about winning big and winning as a team. Hear how we set goals at Carrot, so you can have the freedom, flexibility, finances, and impact in your life.