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What a crazy week! One of the worst but best. A fever, some poison oak, and a root canal forced me to take another look at my process and how I can serve the Carrot team better.

Recently I've found myself wrapped up in agendas and failing to draw the line to what I can "throw away", "hand off", and "what need to be involved in." 

I've also been creating strategy systems so our team can understand what I'd like see happen without being so involved. Things that not only drain my energy, but also the team.

Most of all, I talk about flipping your risk profile and what that means to me. It can be difficult to take a risky leap from a job that is putting food on the table. 

But, if you don't take a chance you're 100% guaranteed to you won't enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur. 

Enjoy this episode. Giving a rating on iTunes and please listen to other episodes of the CarrotCast!

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