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Still trying to figure out Facebook ads? Are your ads just not pulling in leads or costing you too much? Today, Kiley Newbold, Facebook Ads guru and Carrot’s VP of Growth, is going to answer your burning questions. It’s time to start closing more deals from Facebook!

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2:00 Should I use a different Facebook pixel for my buyer and seller sites? If your an investor, Yes. Agent? The same pixel will work great. Here’s why…
4:00 Your message to motivated sellers vs cash buyers
5:00 “What should I do with negative comments?” Make your skeletons dance, or turn a bug into a feature. It’s a risky thing to think of Facebook as an outbound ad platform. It’s engagement driven and users expect to be engaged with. Facebook will actually reward you for engaging in ads with people
11:38 “Do I need to post to my page every day? Every week?” “How often should I post to my facebook business page?” Posting to your page matters, but it also doesn’t matter. Here’s how facebook organic reach works vs paid ads and why it’s important to be strategic about the content your visitors are going to see.
17:03 “What do I do if my ads aren’t performing?” This is sort of like asking what to do if your car isn’t working. Fortunately, we’ve developed a 3-Step framework for troubleshooting Facebook Ads. Here are the 3 things to check when your Facebook ads aren’t performing:

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