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Going from a 1 man shop to building a team? Taking your small team to a larger enterprise? This is for you. Scaling a business is fun, but challenging. There will be growing pains! On this Ask Carrot replay, our VP of Growth, Kiley, covers the vital questions to ask yourself as you grow, as well as the motivation and mindset shift you’ll want to make in order to beat stress and stay happy while chasing big, ambitious goals. Catch us live every Thursday at 1 PM PST on Facebook or

06:00 The first question to ask before you decide to grow your business. Ask yourself WHY. Define success for yourself.

08:00 “When motivation fades, discipline starts to carry.” Define your non-negotiables.

09:00 Setting goals is easy. “The future is never a solution to the present.”

11:00 #1 The biggest challenges of scaling a business: Exposing weaknesses, Frustrating communication, Disrupting process, and Magnifying risk.

13:00 “Your job is to solve problems. We are a company full of problem-solvers.”

15:00 Your vision should be a simple promise and a contract with yourself. You have to stay in touch with your promise throughout the years.

16:00 Your customers are your best consultants. “The best way to build a brand is by making and keeping promises.”

17:00 “What marketing channels do I use to upscale my wholesale business? Facebook, Adwords, direct marketing?” Start with SEO, then Google Ads, then Facebook.

20:00 Sometimes people get so siloed in what they do that they lose sight of the overall vision of the company. “Nobody is too good to do anything.”

22:00 #2 Stress Management: Did you know that stress physically changes your brain and increases your perception of threats? Simply being aware of this is key to managing your stress. Assume the best in one another.

24:00 #3 Patterns and Processes: As time marches on, it is natural

28:00 Perfect data doesn’t exist. Everything you do won’t be a home-run. You’ve got to be willing to disrupt your own process.

29:30 “How would I teach this?” Take time to document processes as you build your company

33:00 Business isn’t life. “Growth for the sake of growth very rarely leads to long-term satisfaction” Pick great business partners.

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