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Carrot CEO Trevor Mauch, Adrian Nez, Kiley Newbold, and special guests Max Maxwell & Daniel DiGiacomo went LIVE on this last episode of Ask Carrot to dive into how they've all built teams, all in different phases of their businesses. Delegating, building a team, hiring... whatever you call it... bringing other people in to help you grow your real estate investing / agent business is critical to gaining freedom and scaling. 

26:24 -Daniel, what’s your current team look like What mindset shifts did you have to make to scale your business?

30:00 - The Delegation Wheel concept

36:30 - “Max, I hired my first remote person in November. I close my first deal Monday in Fort Worth. I’m in Maryland. What’s my next hire to plan for?”

40:30 - There are different levels of investors out there. You need to find someone that is on your journey. - Max Maxwell

43:43 “How are you getting over perfectionism, Daniel?”

44:40: “Max, What have you learned about remote employees, what others might call VA's?”

47:30 - “What tools are you guys using for your teams?”

56:00 - “What CRM are you guys using?” See below!

1:03:00 - “When did you guys start using AdWords?”

1:09 - Max Maxwell on building the buyers side - “Every deal has to sell.”

1:11:00 -”what service do you guys recommend for RVMs?” See below!

1:15:00 - “As a beginner new investor who hasn’t done one deal yet, can Carrot core plan can get us good leads?”

1:18:00 - "Expensive is relative."

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