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Chris went from Firefighter to employee at a house flipping business making money for his boss, to going it alone (and failing the first time)... and finally made things click and over 2 years went from $0 to $1.4M in revenue. Hear his journey, what made wholesaling finally work for him in a big way, and why he didn't quit when he burned through his whole marketing budget with no results.

3:04 - A look at Christian’s business: wholesaling since 2014, recently launched a private lending arm and property management arm, and plans to launch a full-service investment firm in 2019.

5:11 - How to turn a dead lead into $14,200 of commissions.

6:33 - Growing from $330 gross revenue during his first year to $1.4 million in gross revenue in 2018.

8:12 - From firefighting to real estate: how he made the transition and who helped him on his journey.

11:09 - “My girlfriend found a Groupon deal for real estate license”.

15:31 - Making an incredible comeback from failing as a real estate agent.

16:32 - How to talk with sellers and study the various personality types.

21:01 - How being transparent in your business can get you more deals.

22:45 - Why owning your credibility and reputation will ultimately help you close more deals.

27:34 - Christian's marketing plan for hitting $3 million in revenue this year + His current ROI and cost per deal.

34:31 - What to do when your online leads aren't converting.

36:31 - Christians unique strategy for finding buyers.

46:35 - What’s changing with MLS?

55:03 - How to make more money on the same deals you’re already closing.

58:35 - The one thing you should be focusing on as an entrepreneur.

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