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"How can I compete with Zillow when it comes to SEO?" Adrian Nez, an industry expert in SEO for real estate, and I show you how to do it, what WORKS, what HURTS and dive deep into what most sites are doing to crush rankings. Skip ahead to 1:02:21 to see how it's possible to outrank Zillow in SEO rankings.

9:05 - What makes my Google ranking drop?

14:00 - What can I get penalized for in Google? What about bad backlinks?

18:16 - "I hired a sketchy SEO company a year ago and my rankings are taking a tumble.

24:18 - "Why should I continue SEO once I have good rankings?"

42:24 - Pulling page speed reports on our own customer's websites

47:10 - Plugins for SEO

53:53 - "Our website already ranks high with SEO for many searches. Should we do Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) if we already rank well?"

1:02:21 - How to beat Zillow in SEO

1:13:30 - Using Google suggestions vs Keyword tools