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In this annual planning call, Trevor is giving away his frameworks and strategies that helped Carrot land #599 the Inc 5000 list this year - the ones he is using every single day personally, and in business. Watch the video at and skip ahead to 23:15 to get started! What we’ll cover: My 2018… key things I learned, won, and lost. Why Goals and Resolutions often don’t work (and what DOES work for me). My 5 “F’s” exercise to diagnose the spots in your life you need to focus on the most. Some mindset things that worked for me in 2018. Creating a clear, exciting, and compelling vision for your life. My 1-page Annual Strategic Plan. How to create habits that stick (without setting goals). How an ancient Japanese concept called “Ikigai” changed my life.

Download all of your free resources + slides from the call here:

23:15 - Getting Started.

29:35 - What motivates entrepreneurs over time.

39:15 - My entrepreneur journey in a nutshell.

41:50 - My 4 step process to an epic year.

56:38 - Take a quick test on the 5 F’s: Fitness, Family, Friends, Financial, and Faith.

1:02:18 - How a lack of urgency is one of our biggest problems and the best fix for it.

1:48:21 - The ancient Japanese concept called “Ikigai” that changed my life.

1:52:58 - The 3 Step Personal Power Process: The Dreams Worksheet & 15-minute Energy Audit.

2:00:52 - The entire annual, quarterly, and monthly planning process we follow at Carrot.

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